2014 Coaching and Leadership Conference Wrap Up

Feb. 20, 2014, 10:42 a.m. (ET)

Last weekend, USA Canoe/Kayak hosted the 2014 Coaching and Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The three day event attracted the largest number of presenters as well as the largest number of attendees.

Some of the comments passed along by the participants include:

  • “Congratulations on putting together a great conference and enjoyable weekend” -Dan Baharav 
  • “Thank you so much! And thank you so much for having me. :) It was a weekend I will never forget as well! Full of so many amazingly good people! -Megan Blunk
  • “The sessions this year moved the bar again in terms of quality and diversity, and I'm glad I came.” -Marsh Jones 
  • “The speakers were very knowledgeable and engaging, especially the canoe and kayak technique presentations. I really feel like I gained a better understanding.” -Karen Colwell 
  • “The quality of the speakers was exceptional, and I feel like I came away with a lot of new knowledge, and fresh ideas. -Steve Wort 
  • “Well done... once again.” -Alan Anderson

Weekend activities included presentation of Awards. Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Connie & Frank Naughton  Charles Luckman Trophy
    • Recognizes their outstanding contribution to USA Canoe Kayak Officials Program. Connie and Frank have led the introduction of two new levels of training and certification of Officials; Trained and Certified approximately 70 officials during this past year. They both serve on the newly formed Sprint Officials Association; attended the Junior / U2; World Cups 1 & 2; and the Senior World Championships as Officials.
  • Chris Barlow  Sprint Coaches Association Coach of the Year
    • Team Leader/Head Coach Olympic Hopes Regatta; Kayak Coach Lake Placid Training camp; Hosted week long kayak camp for OHR athletes; Vice Chair SCA
  • Heather Fenske  Sprint Coaches Association Development Coach of the Year
    • Assistant Coach OHR; Strong contribution to the development of the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team Bantam program.
  • Connie & Frank Naughton USA Canoe Kayak Volunteer of the Year
  • Cherry Borm Special Recognition Award
    • Team Manager Olympic Hopes Regatta
  • Kristi Guay Special Recognition Award
    • Team Manager Junior / U23 World Championships