Micki Reeves Takes Bronze in Pyrenees Cup

May 07, 2013, 11:03 a.m. (ET)

Congratulations to Micki Reeves (Denver, Colo.) for a third place finish overall in the Pyrenees Cup last week.  Micki has been working very hard on the water over the last year, but no one has had a longer commute than she has driving seven hours each way to Durango, Colorado to train with Cathy Hearn.  Micki demonstrated superb determination and depth of technique against a challenging field of competitors.  This will be an excellent tune up for Micki before US Senior and U23 Trials next week.

"I participated in the Pyrenees Cup this year in order to train on the world class courses France and Spain has to offer, as well as well as gain racing experience in preparation for the US Team Trials coming up this May," Reeves said. "I feel I learned a lot while participating in the series of three races, all being on courses that are very different from each other. Although I am happy with my third place finish in the overall Pyrenees Cup, I am not content with my racing performance. I made some mistakes late in my final race runs and I plan to work on improving on these mistakes throughout the 2013 race season."

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Junior paddler Spencer Huff (Lyons, Colo.) also trained and competed at the Pyrenees Cup and though he was thrown to the wolves in a packed and highly competitive men K-1 class, Spencer emerged with an impressive 27th place overall.  Spencer has not only been training diligently all fall and winter, he has been strategically traveling to important training venues.  Spencer has been coached by Team Colorado’s new coach, Jordi Domenjo, and the regimen looks to be paying off.

Tyler Hinton (Boulder, Colo.) took a couple of weekends off from his work at the American University of Rome, where he has been training with an Italian Club, to compete in La Seu and Pau.  His ninth place finish in Pau puts him on track for a strong showing at Senior/U23 Trials.

Cadet paddler Henry Hyde (Golden, Colo.) also trained and raced in the Pyrenees Cup and distinguished himself for his courage and dedication. 

This was the second training and racing trip that Jordi Domenjo led to the Pyrenees this spring after receiving his O-1A visa and coming Boulder to be the Head Coach of Team Colorado Whitewater Racing as well as Head Coach of the Dawson School Canoe and Kayak Team.  Five other athletes from Colorado, Will Coggan, Ethan Putnam, Gabe Machado, Charlie Kieft, and Sammi Cole Johnson trained in the Pyrenees in March.  Sammie and Charlie competed in the Segre Cup making their way into the finals in each race.

Last and certainly not least Coach Jordi Domenjo won the Pyrenees Cup and once again made it onto the Spanish Team.  This was impressive not only because of his masterful performance on the water, but also because he was recovering from an injury.  TCWR and DSCKT are looking forward to having him stateside again for the Rocky Mountain Whitewater Championship, Senior and U23 Trials and Jr. Trials.

Nate Lord
Varsity Coach, Dawson School Canoe and Kayak Team
President Team Colorado Whitewater Racing Club