USA Canoe/Kayak Sprint Events Committee is seeking a potential host site for the 2015 Nationals

March 12, 2013, 3:15 p.m. (ET)
USA Canoe/Kayak and the Sprint Events Committee are seeking a potential host site for the 2015 Nationals.

As per the 2013 USA Canoe/Kayak Rules and Regulations:
  • Rule 61.1. National Championships shall be held each year as directed by SEC. The venue and location shall be set two years in advance by a recommendation of the SEC to USA CANOE KAYAK. 
  • Rule 61.2. The National Championships shall move on a regional rotational basis from one year to the next. The rotation is west to central to east and back to the west region. 
NOTE: The 2015 Nationals are to be held in the West.

Please contact the National Sprint Development Director, Mac Hickox, via email at, to receive the Intention to Host form which is to be submitted prior to April 15, 2013. This will begin the five step Bid Process.