RECAP: 2013 Freestyle National Championships

Aug. 22, 2013, 8:02 p.m. (ET)


Kat Levitt on her way to her personal best score and a huge bonus at Freestyle Nationals. Credit: Clay Wright

By Clay Wright

What's the best practice for Worlds? A national championship! The U.S. Freestyle Committee held a low key, no entry fee event on the amazing Pigeon Hole in Hartford, Tenn. where athletes ran the event and some swapped out judging and competing - often in multiple events. The scores were massive with the top two men over the 2000-point mark and 13-year-old Sage Donnely breaking 500 to outscore the junior women - and women's class! Emily Jackson won the women's just a month after giving birth and Jason Craig placed a 2000-point ride for second just two years after a shallow waterfall gave him a major spinal injury that had him paralyzed from the waist down - two amazing recovery stories!  

The 2013 ICF Freestyle World Championships will be held in Bryson City, N.C. at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Click HERE for more info.


Junior Men
1. Hunter Katich
2. Alec Vorhees
3. Bennett Smith
4. Miles Murphy
5. Dave Silk
6. Jacob Walker
7. Ben Ghertner
7. Devon Wainer
9. Pete Pritchard

Junior Women
1. Sage Donnelly
2. Rowan Stuart
3. Sierra Wainer

1. Dane Jackson
2. Jordan Poffenberger
3. Tad Dennis

1. Seth Chapelle
2. Dane Jackson
3. Tad Dennis
4. Jordan Poffenberger

K-1 Women's
1. Emily Jackson
2. Adrienne Levkenect
3. Haley Mills
4. Kat Levitt
5. Elizabeth Decker

K-1 Men's
1. Dane Jackson
2. Jason Craig
3. Eric Jackson
4. Clay Wright
5. Stephen Wright
6. Bryan Kirk
7. Tommy Yon
8. Craig Kleckner
9. Mike Patterson
10. Dave Fusilli
11. Brad Caldwell
12. Chris Singletary
13. Jordan Poffenberger
14. Isaac Holden
15. Yonton Mehler
16. Alex Wolff
17. Dave Levitt
18. Matt Anger
19. Pete Delosa
20. Dewey Gibson
21. Phillip Roberts
22. Paul Butler

Squirt Men's
2. Clay Wight
3. Chris Singletary

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