World Discipline Update, May 2012

May 29, 2012, 2:53 p.m. (ET)

World Discipline Update, May 2012

We held our periodic world discipline conference call on 17 May. Upfront, I want to thank each of our world discipline folks for taking time out of their busy schedules to give the rest of us an update. As we all would expect we have a lot going on and below are some of the highlights discussed during the call.

USA C/K (Bob Lally):

  • New USA C/K website – please review and make comments. This new website is a work in progress.
  • Board of Directors meeting held in Ok City on 19 April. Minutes are posted on our website.
  • ParaCanoe – results from Poland
  • Update on our Olympic trials in Charlotte and Ok City
  • Upcoming U-23 world championships in Wassau (mid-July)
  • Utilize Bob Boettner (Dir of Business Development) – he is a resource for all disciplines.
  • Please review our Goal number 5: Expand Global Presence and Influence.
  • As we move forward to all of the World Championships and Olympics, our ultimate outcome is we want to be a strong partner in the international paddle sports Community.

USA C/K (Bob Boettner):

  • Update on our matching funds campaign, Sponsorship opportunities, and case for support donations

Dragon Boat (Jim O’Dell):

  • DB trials are complete – 18 senior men and women and 29 men/22 women masters will be headed to Milan, Italy (Aug 28- Sept 2). Potential Podium opportunities.

Marathon (Joe Shaw):

  • Explore the partnership/membership opportunities between USA C/K and USCA.
  • Trials in Lake Lanier, Ga
  • Paddle Now – Committee members looking at offering clinics
  • Ok City has put a bid in for the 2014 World Championships
  • Will continue the open dialog on USA C/K partnering with Surf Ski and Ocean Ski

Canoe Polo (Ezio Ambrosetti):

  • US Nationals in San Marcos, Tx: Oct 19, 2012
  • Nominations for Polo Committee members will be sent out soon
  • Women’s training camp held this past month
  • Men’s training camp – dates TBD
  • Canoe Polo heads to Poland – 1st of Sept

Wildwater (Seth Eisner):

  • US Nationals this month – will be held at Jackson, Wyoming
  • Wildwater team will head to France at the end of June. Potential podium opportunities.

Canoe Sailing (Oliver Moore):

  • Head to Sugar Island at the end of July.

Freestyle (Risa Shimoda): Risa sent in her update via e-mail

  • The USA Freestyle Kayaking point series, designed to heighten awareness of the existence of judging protocol and the importance of having certified judges, moves from the No.  1 event on the Nantahala to No. 2 in Green River, Wyoming this weekend. No. 3, 4 and 5 are in Lyons, CO, Salida, CO and Missoula, MT on June 28-29. 
  • Freestyle Nationals are in Cascade, ID at the Kelly’s Whitewater Park and the 2012 Freestyle World Cup will take place August 25,26, Sept 1,2 and September 8,9 in the Southeast for which we hope to open registration soon.

USA C/K (Joe Jacobi):

  • Update to Marathon, Canoe Polo, Freestyle and on the Paddle Now program

All my best,

Bob Lally, Chairman