Home from Penrith, Off to Charlotte!

March 02, 2012, 12:03 p.m. (ET)
I am back home in Maryland after five weeks of productive training and competitive racing, but not for long! This week I will enjoy a little more low key training and spend some time here with family and friends before taking the next step toward Olympic team qualification in Charlotte, NC. The races in Australia served as a great starting point for me this season, I was particularly happy with visible improvements in my stroke extension, the E in PEP. I look forward to continuing work on my stroke as well as sharpening my reverse downstream gates and working on stroke timing as I cross eddy lines over steeper drops. I find it more manageable to really isolate different elements of slalom and focus on them two or three at a time rather than trying to tackle the whole slalom skill set at once. I intend to start posting more videos of my day to day as I really start preparing for Olympic trials! For daily updates, definitely keep up with me via Facebook and Twitter!