LCKC travels to Europe to train and compete

June 05, 2012, 9:45 a.m. (ET)

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club from Gainesville, Ga. wins six medals at the International Regatta in Bochum, Germany - 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze.

Leading the way are 2012 U.S. Senior National Team Members Ian Ross (Washington, D.C.) and Ben Hefner (Gainesville, Ga.) with one Gold and two Silver medals.

    • C2 Ian Ross – Ben Hefner GOLD medal 200m / U23
    • C2 Ian Ross- Ben Hefner SILVER medal / C2 – 1000m / U23
    • C2 Ian Ross – Ben Hefner SILVER medal 500m / U23
    • K4 Cannie Ash – Kasi Paul- Macy Dwyer- Alex McLain BRONZE medal / 500m U23
    • K4 Stanton Collins- Aaron Mullican- Chris Miller – Tommy Wade BRONZE medal 200m / U23
    • K4 Cannie Aash – Kassi Paul- Macy Dwyer – Alex McLain BRONZE medal 200m / U23
    • C1 Ian Ross 5th place 500m / U23
    • K2 Stanton Collins – Chris Miller 5th place 200m / U23
    • K2 Stanton Collins – Chris Miller 6th place 500m / U23
    • K2 Cannie Ash- Kasi Paul 6th place 500m / U23
    • C1 Ben Hefner 6th place 200m / U23
    • K2 Cannie Ash – Kasi Paul 6th place 200m / U23
    • C1 Ian Ross 7th place Final A 1000m / U23
    • K2 Alex McLain-Macy Dwyer 7th place 500m / U23
    • K2 Stanton Collins – Aaron Mullican 7th place 500m Jr
    • K1 Chris Miller 7th place 200m / U23
    • K1 Chris Miller 8th place Final A 1000m / U23
    • K2 Alex McLain – Macy Dwyer 8th 200m / U23
    • K1 Alex McLain 9th place Final A 1000m / U23
    • K2 Karenna Paul- Lydia Skolrood 9th place 500m Jr
    • C1 Ian Ross 9th place 200m / U23
    • K2 Stanton Collins – Aaron Mullica 9th place 200m Jr
    • K1 Stanton Collins 2th place Final B 100m Jr
    • K1 Stanton Collins 6th place Final B 500m Jr
    • K1 Stanton Collins 6th place 200m Jr / Final B
    • K1 Aaron Mullican 8th place Final B 1000m Jr
    • K1 Aaron Mullican 9th place Final B 500m Jr


As a result of hosting nine members of the SC Magdeburg Club in March, thirteen members of the Lanier Canoe Kayak Club are currently training in Magdeburg, Germany.  Coach Claudiu Ciur along with Chris Miller, Stanton Collins, Aaron Mullican, Tommy Wade, Ben Hefner, Ian Ross, Robert Finlayson, Cannie Ash, Macy Dwyer, Alex McLain, Kasi Paul, Karenna Paul and Lydia Skolrood have been in Germany since May 20th.

Last weekend the entire team made the trip to Duisburg, Germany to watch the World Cup 2 races.  The team was able to watch teammates Robert Finalyson, Ben Hefner and Ian Ross race.  They were also present to see Tim Hornsby become the first LCKC athlete to make the Olympic Team.

Wednesday (5/30/12) all athletes raced in the Magdeburg Sprint Cup.  This local 200 meter race featured some of the best German kayak and canoe sprint athletes including: Ronald Rauhe, Jonas Elm, Andreas Ihle, Sebastian Brendel, Kurt Kuschela, and Peter Kretschmer.  Stanton Collins won a bronze medal in the Jr M K1.

This weekend the LCKC team raced at the Sprint Sachsen – Anhalt Offen & Magdeburg Regatta.  The regatta featured 28 clubs from Germany with 433 paddlers racing.  LCKC athletes won 16 medals overall (Gold -2, Silver-7 and Bronze-7):  Gold medals were won by Chris Miller (Sr M K1 200m) and the Sr Mens C4 200m (Finlayson, Hefner, Ross and Ciur).  Silver medals were won by Cannie Ash (SR W K1 200m), Finlayson (Sr M C1 200m), Hefner and Ross (Sr M C2 200m), Macy Dwyer and Alex McLain (Sr W K2 200m), Stanton Collins and Aaron Mullican (Jr M K2 200m), Sr Womens K4 200m (Ash, Dwyer, McLain and Kasi Paul) and Sr/Jr M K4 200m (Miller, Collins, Mullican and Tommy Wade).  Bronze medals were won by Collins (Jr M K1 1000m and 200m), Miller (Sr M K1 1000m), Ash (Sr W K1 1000m), Ross (Sr M C1 1000m), Ciur (Sr M C1 200m), Finlayson and Ciur (Sr M C2 200m).

The team will train until Thursday this week before leaving for Bochum, Germany to race in the Bochum Regatta.  After racing in Bochum the majority of the athletes will travel to Romania to train at their Olympic Training Center.