ParaCanoe Committee Meeting Minutes June 19, 2012

July 06, 2012, 2:53 p.m. (ET)

This was the 4th time for the group to get together. Group is moving forward.

Attendance: Gerald, Alan Anderson, Bob Lally, Missy Hill, Deb, Bob Balk,

Bob Lally: Thanks to Gerald – Suggested a routine and standard for the Para Canoe meetings possibly every month or 6 weeks with a 30min -1hr max. Bob asked that Joe Mornini, Team River Runner to be a part of the Paracanoe Group.

Joe, Bob L., Bob Boettner and Joe Mornini going to Westcliff , Co – graduation night at Dave Roever’s Eagle Ranch for the wounded warriors – we are hoping Dave Roever will be a strategic partner of USA C/K .

Alan A. volunteered for the Club President's Committee and act as Paracanoe Representative with the Coaches Association (Mac Hickox) about getting the Paracanoe module on certification.  

All: Discussion on whether an individual or club can or cannot claim the name Paralympic Training Site. Bottom line designation as a training site has to be awarded. In addition, "ParaCanoe" does not need to be "regulated" until it's used in conjunction with "certified coach".

Discussed canoe/kayak groups that applied for 2012 Olympic Opportunity Fund (VA Grant):

  1. Oklahoma City – Dissapproved
  2. TRR in San Marcos Texas (Ben Kvanli) - Approved
  3. Alan Anderson - Approved
  4. Joe Morini - Approved

Paracanoe structure – align existing sprint structure consider a high performance. Suggested that the Paracanoe be integrated into current structure. Alan is happy to represent the Paracanoe as he is part of the coaches association already.

Bob suggested various areas specializing in certain strengths. Deb suggested that one should become a USA C/K coach with a specialization in Paracanoe. Write a Paracanoe Chapter and add to Mac’s Coaches training.

Gerald: Schedule off-line next monthly Paracanoe Meeting.