Empower Bold Leadership. USA Canoe/Kayak's #4 Goal

Feb. 17, 2012, 4:21 p.m. (ET)

This goal, if executed properly, has the most potential to differentiate ourselves and make this NGB world class, and the leader that other NGBs will emulate. Our strategies for Empowering Bold Leadership throughout USA C/K are the following:  


  • Define and create the roles and responsibilities of leadership positions at all levels in the sport (e.g. clubs, committees, etc) 

  • Develop alliances and enterprise-wide integration (Charities, sponsors, events, marketing)

  • Develop ways to plan, monitor, and assess organizational stability and financial viability with suggested outcomes to report on a periodic basis to USACK’s BODs

  Upcoming Goals: 

  • Complete review of USA C/K By LAWS –we will be posting on our website the By Law updates no later than 19 Mar

  • USA C/K becomes the NGB overseeing Para Canoe and Team River Runners – application was submitted to USOC 2 weeks ago – we should be hearing back from the USOC very soon. Of note, we will be demonstrating our sport at the mini warrior games held in Colorado 30 Mar. We have also been invited to the para-olympic’s leadership forum 27-30 April. As we all know, Para Canoe is an Olympic sport at the 2016 games.  

  • USA C/K will reach out to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) to see where we can work together.

  • USA C/K and ACA have opened the dialog to see where we can cooperate and partner in the future.

  • Continue monthly Conference calls with all of our NON OLYMPIC DISCIPLINES committees’ leadership

  • Establish a Model club

  • Pursue accreditation processes

  • Commit to a safety and risk management program with objectives and expectations

  • Annually recognize leadership within the sport 

  • Independent BODs nominated and approved – we are looking for 2 independent BODs. Let us know if you have someone in mind

What we are doing is real and exciting. We are determined to succeed and put Paddlesports on the map equal to the most recognized Olympic sports. As your Chairman of the USA Canoe/Kayak Board of Directors please know we, your Board of Directors, are 100% committed to this enterprise to ensure success, we will be transparent in all our deliberations, our door is open and we are available. To be upfront we, the staff and board, need to hear from you on how to accomplish Goal #4. I believe we can make a difference as we journey together make the tough calls, right decisions, and enjoy each other’s friendship.

Paddle Now, Bob Lally