Thank you to our Officials

April 25, 2012, 2:53 p.m. (ET)

On behalf of USA C/K BODs and staff, I want to recognize and say thank you to our Sprint and Slalom officials. Our officials, all volunteers, are truly a class act and phenomenal ambassadors for our sport. Their dedication and enthusiasm is appreciated and reflects highly on whom we are as an organization and what USA C/K represents. In addition, their behind the scene efforts and professional expertise allowed for our Olympic trials to run seamlessly and our athletes to compete at the highest levels.  

For Sprint trials, our officials were Margot Mickle, Connie and Frank Naughton, Connie and Richard Hagler, Katie Hagler, Deb Page, Suzanne Britt (Committee Chair/Head Official), Cheryl Smith, Missy Hill, and Gina Sanchez.  

For the Slalom trials, our officials were Laura Evans, Eric Lokken, Tom Vollstedt, Van Evans, Peter Buckley, Brian and Sherry Fike, Lee Thonus, Bruce Koch, David Foley, Larry Bryant, Susan Buckley, Jan Harding, Jay Kohler, Lynn Nations, Ronn Hardin, David George, Dennis Huntley, Tom Hauer, Roger Nott, Mark Purtell, Joel Williams, Brent and Ruth LaRoche, Jere Rudisill, Neal Fleenor, Doug Corkery, and Alison Smedley.  Also, I want to highlight and recognize Laura, Eric and Tom for the key roles they played in Charlotte. 

Again, great job and thank you.

All my best & Paddle Now!,


P.S. If anyone is interested in becoming an official, please let us know. We need good people to step up and take a leadership role.