CKC Announces Women's Canoe in 2009 Sprint World Championships

Jan. 28, 2009, 3:17 p.m. (ET)

January 27, 2009
Presidents and Secretary Generals
ICF Member Federations
Dear Friends:
CanoeKayak Canada and the Host Organizing Committee for the 2009 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships
(Canoe ’09) are pleased to announce that we have received applications from fourteen ICF member federations
to participate in the training camp for women’s canoe to be hosted in conjunction with the ICF Canoe Sprint
World Championships in August of 2009.  Applications from a total of 40 athletes and 4 coaches have been
submitted through their respective ICF member federations.  A list of applicants is below.
Federation Number of Athletes Number of Coaches
Australia                1
Brazil                     4
Canada                  6
China                     4
Ecuador                 2
England                 2
Finland                  1
France                   5                         2
Kenya                    2
Senegal                 1
Togo                     1
USA                       6
Vietnam                1
Uzbekistan            4                         2
Total                    40 athletes            4 coaches
The deadline for applications was November 14, 2008.  Applications are no longer being accepted.
A few important reminders regarding the camp are detailed below.
1. The exhibition events on the World Championships competition program are:
Women’s C-1 500   Women’s C-2 500
Women’s C-1 200   Women’s C-2 200

2. All training camp participants are to compete for their national federation in the exhibition events.
3. There will be a maximum entry of 1 entry per event per federation.  Thus the maximum number of
athletes per federation is six.
4. The training camp will run from Thursday, August 6 to Wednesday, August 12, 2009 (inclusive).  The
camp will be held at Orenda Canoe Club in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
5. Participants must be born in 1994 or earlier in order to participate in the exhibition events and the
training camp.  For example, an athlete born in 1995 would not be eligible to participate.
6. Meals and accommodation will be provided at local homes in Dartmouth-Halifax for the duration of the
camp and World Championships.  Daily transport to and from the training venue and competition site
will be provided.  Racing boats for all camp participants will be provided through Nelo for both the
camp and the competition.
7. Three coaches from CanoeKayak Canada will lead the camp (1 Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches).
8. The ICF Development Program has provided financial support for the camp and competition.  Funding
will be available for athletes as detailed below.  Athletes must be 23 years of age or younger in order to
be eligible for funding for the training camp and competition.
2 athletes from Kenya             2 athletes from Ecuador
2 athletes from Uzbekistan     1 athlete from Senegal
1 athlete from Togo                1 athlete from Viet Nam
1 athlete from Australia          1 athlete from Brazil
1 athlete from China               1 athlete from England
1 athlete from Finland             1 athlete from France
1 athlete from United States of America
9. All remaining athletes and coaches must pay 100 $CAD camp registration fee and the 2009 Canoe ICF
Sprint World Championship participation fee of 45 $CAD per day for the four competition days.
10. ICF member federations are encouraged to enter women in the four exhibition events on the 2009 ICF
Canoe Sprint World Championship program.  Entry forms for these events will be posted on the Canoe
09 website.  
Canoe 09 has identified Elaine Keene as the Project Manager for the Women in Canoe Camp.  Please direct all
inquiries related to the women in canoe camp to Elaine.  Contact information is provided below:
Elaine Keene
Phone:  1 902 455 2009    Fax:  1 902 455 0016
We look forward to welcoming all athletes and coaches to the Women in Canoe Camp and World
Championship Exhibition Events in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia later this summer.
Yours truly,
Anne Merklinger
Director General