Head Coach Vacancy -- Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club

Sept. 12, 2008, 10:30 p.m. (ET)

The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club is looking for a new head coach to lead its Junior and Senior sprint programs. We are now accepting resumes from prospective coaches who are interested in applying for the job. Prospective coaches must have significant coaching experience at a high level at a large club. The job of head coach will include designing and implementing a structured year-round training program including on-water training, strength training, cross-training and off-water technical training. Prospective coaches must also be comfortable with overseeing fund raising for the club.

Before beginning to work, the coach must have required First Aid training, CPR training and a float test. Coaches will also be required to have proof of legal eligibility to work in the United States.

All interested applicants are asked to email their resumes to Jason Frisk at Jason.Frisk@Seattle.Gov. We will be excepting resumes until October 17, 2008. If there are any questions, please use the above email address to inquire.

The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club is co-ed, multi-age, and practices on Green Lake in Seattle Washington. The Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club is affiliated with the USA Canoe and Kayak Team (USACK), and the City of Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation. Our program offers a lot of fun, hard work and pay-offs. Year-round membership on is a big commitment, but in return it offers physical and mental training, skills and confidence building, socialization, coaching, competition and the opportunity for both team and personal success. As a community, we are learning how important it is to make these opportunities available to our club members.