2008 USA Canoe/Kayak Slalom National Championships

Sept. 02, 2008, 10:10 p.m. (ET)

The 2008 USA Canoe/Kayak Slalom National Championships were held in Deep Creek, Maryland at Adventure Sports Center International on Saturday, August 30thA large crowd was present to watch over 50 athletes compete for the title of National Champion in six different categories: men and women's single kayak (K-1), men and women's single canoe (C-1), men's double canoe (C-2) and mixed double canoe (C-2 mix).  The 2008 Beijing Olympic Team was present and put on an amazing performance--their first competition since returning from China.




Gold: Benn Fraker 199.21

Silver: Jeff Larimer 204.43

Bronze: Casey Eichfeld 211.10


C-1 Women:

Gold: Carolyn Peterson 478.93

Silver: Colleen Hickey 488.43

Bronze: HaileyThompson 545.94



Gold: Casey Eichfeld and Ricky Powell 219.47

Silver: Mark Poindexter and Ben Kvanli 265.21

Bronze: Tad Dennis and Jeff Larimer 266.77


C-2 Mix:

Gold: Ben Kvanli and Rebecca Moore 345.24

Silver: Mark Poindexter and Carolyn Peterson 387.7


K-1 Women:

Gold: Heather Corrie 219.93

Silver: Caroline Queen 244.78

Bronze: Michelle Kvanli 360.93



Gold: Brett Heyl 184.94

Silver: Scott Parsons 189.29

Bronze: Aaron Mann 194.69


For a complete list of results click here.  Congratulations to all of the athletes!