More on our new website...

Oct. 28, 2008, 11:08 a.m. (ET)

Long time, no blog.  This isn’t easy! When I was in Beijing I built writing about what I was doing into my daily routine. Since I’ve been back I’ve discovered I have very little control over my own time.

Since I last wrote about our new website initiative, much more progress has been made. For one thing, the “old USACK” website has been shut down and we are now fully loaded on the new USOC-supported site.  We are adding new content as quickly as our IT staff (that would be Gerald) can get to it. Many small improvements to the site itself have been made as well.

One of the many meetings I’ve attending this fall was of the directors of all the NGB’s. During that meeting we had an opportunity to meet with the technology team at USOC that is actually managing this multi-sport website. I was very encouraged by those discussions. There is a genuine commitment on their part to make our site as effective and user-friendly for our members and visitors as possible.

Over the next few weeks some subtle and some pretty obvious changes will become visible. We are going to gain more flexibility to customize our home page and control over more of the total screen real estate. One of our key goals is to make the information our members come to our site for easier to find.

We need your help to realize the full potential of this powerful new website.

  • First we need you to use. Bookmark it, set it as your homepage, sign up for RSS feeds, whatever you can do to make sure you drop by often.
  • Second, give us your feedback. If you don’t like how something is presented or can’t find some information you need, use any of the available ways to contact us so that we can fix or add.
  • Third, contribute any information you feel others in our organization might need or be interested in. This includes news, photos, videos, links, you name it