Women in Canoe

Oct. 16, 2008, 11:11 a.m. (ET)

Our friends at CanoeKayak Canada are delighted to invite you to participate in a training camp for women’s canoe, to be hosted in conjunction with the 2009 World Senior Canoe Championships in August of 2009.
The training camp is being financially supported by the International Canoe Federation, CanoeKayak Canada and Canoe ’09.  The ICF has provided support through its Development Program.   
All participants in the training camp are expected to compete for their national federation (in this case USA Canoe/Kayak) in the exhibition events for women’s canoe being held during the 2009 Senior World Canoe Championships from August 12-16.  The events on the competition program are:

  • Women’s C-1 500 
  • Women’s C-2 500  
  • Women’s C-1 200  
  • Women’s C-2 200

U.S. Applicants only: The following documents MUST be submitted to USA Canoe/Kayak National Office (c/o Gerald Babao) by November 5, 2008. No exceptions!

  1. Official Invitation Letter from CanoeKayak Canada
  2. Application 
Again, please note that all interested U.S. applicants MUST send their completed applications to USA Canoe/Kayak (c/o Gerald Babao) NOT to CanoeKayak Canada.