Parsons In! Day 3 from Augsburg, Germany

July 05, 2008, 6:30 p.m. (ET)

C2 and K1 finals today, Saturday July 5th, 2008, Augsburg, Germany

Getting down to business in this mornings semi-final after securing their Olympic berth yesterday, Eichfeld and Powell had a fantastic morning run on a very challenging course, but fell just a little short of making this afternoons final, finishing in 12th place overall. This afternoons final was won by Hochschorner/Hochschorner (SVK), Skantar/Skantar (SVK), Simon/Simon (GER).

Crane and McCleskey finished in 18th place in Fridays heats.

In K1, the semi-final was an intense race and moved Scott Parsons and Scott Mann forward into the final. Brett Heyl narrowly missed advancing to finish 15th overall. Both Scott's paddled amazingly well in a heated final. Parsons finished 3rd and clinched his second Olympic berth. Mann finished 6th.

Based in these (and yesterdays) results, the C2 of Casey Eichfeld and Rick Powell along with the K1 of Scott Parsons will represent the USA at the Beijing Olympic Games.

The K1W and C1 semi finals and finals are tomorrow (Sunday) where the final USA Olympic selection will take place in these classes.