Fantastic Four

July 01, 2008, 8:56 a.m. (ET)

The Slalom World Cup Series has one more stop to go, but four U.S. Slalom athletes are still holding strong as they head into Augsburg for the final Olympic qualifying race.  Brett Heyl, Heather Corrie, Benn Fraker and Tad Dennis are all ranked in the Top 10 in the World Cup standings. 

Brett Heyl is ranked second out of 155 athletes for men’s K-1 going into the third and final stage of the Slalom World Cup.  Heyl has a total of 89 points which he earned in two stages: the continental championships and the first stage of the Slalom World Cup in Prague.  Tomas Mraz (SVK) is sitting in the men’s K-1 top spot with 92 points garnered over three stages. 

Heyl, along with many other United States paddlers, opted out of the race in Tacen in order to train.  The third series of the World Cup in Augsburg runs July 4th through the 6th and is the last Olympic qualifying race. 

Women’s K-1 paddler Heather Corrie is currently ranked 10th out of 125 athletes, even though she opted out of Tacen as well.  Corrie has a total of 62 points in the World Cup standings from the continental qualifier and Prague.

Two single canoe paddlers are ranked among the top 10: Benn Fraker sits in 6th place with Tad Dennis in 8th.  Fraker has 83 points and Dennis, the only paddler to race in Tacen, has 76 points going into Augsburg on July 4th.  

The Olympic qualifying race for C-2 is sure to be exciting, with Austin Crane and Scott McCleskey ranked 17th with 52 points.  Right on their heels are Casey Eichfeld and Rick Powell in 21st with 43 points. 

Despite the hard work and effort these athletes have put into their performances so far, it all comes down to this weekend in Augsburg.  Points and standings will be forgotten as athletes train for their final chance to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.  

Be sure to check the website for updates and results this weekend to find out who will be a part of the 2008 Olympic Games.  We wish all the athletes the best of luck!


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