A special place for the families of athletes

Aug. 26, 2008, 8:34 p.m. (ET)

A beautiful facility called USA House is operated by USOC. It is located in what was once an upscale restaurant and bar near to Workers Stadium where the soccer matches are being played.  USA House is private and like almost everyplace associated with the Olympics requires credentials to get in. There is a store on the basement level where non-credentialed US visitors can purchase Team USA merchandise.

USOC operates USA House to support its own marketing, international relations and PR activities. There is ample space for large parties and smaller private functions. The space includes a coffee/smoothie bar, internet café, chair massage center, outdoor grill and office space for USOC staff. One of USOC’s most important objectives at the moment is to return the Summer Olympic Games to US. There is a large contingent of Chicago 2016 in Beijing and they use USA House as their base of activity as well.

USA House is also used to celebrate medals won by US athletes and teams. There is a special celebration area on the lower level where parties are held nightly throughout the Games. There is also a Bud Party Deck on the roof level that cranks up at 10PM each night to keep the celebrations going.

I think USOC has done an outstanding job with USA House this year. It is a spacious, functional and comfortable place that is very well suited to helping USOC and the NGB’s achieve their off-the-playing goals in Beijing.