Venues you won't see on NBC--Part 1

Aug. 22, 2008, 2:46 p.m. (ET)

There are many important venues in Beijing that are vital to our Olympic success that you will likely never see or heard mentioned on NBC.

The most important is the USOC High Performance Center at Beijing Normal University (BNU). This oxymoronically named institutional has been rented by USOC for the run of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. While staying in the Olympic Village is a meaningful part of each athlete’s Olympic experience, it is not always the best place to be for athletes still in their competitions.

Many teams, including ours and track and field, make great use of this facility where USOC has installed the kinds of sports technology and services we are accustomed to having in our Olympic training Centers. On any given day there will be 300 or more US athletes and coaches using this facility located not far from the Olympic Green

All of our canoe/kayak athletes, coaches and team staff will spend at least part of their stay in Beijing at BNU. Besides BNU and the Olympic Village, we are also using a hotel located very close to the Olympic Rowing and Canoe/Kayak venue in the suburb of Shunyi. Our athletes reside there during their competition in order to avoid the one hour plus bus ride back and forth to the Village and to escape the sometimes too festive atmosphere there.

The logistics of housing, transporting, feeding and servicing Olympic athletes is a complex one. This responsibility falls largely on Team Leaders, but it is truly a huge effort that involves many USOC and NBG staff as well.