Sprint National Development Program

Introductory Remarks

The aim of the USA Canoe Kayak National Sprint Development Program (NDP) is to build “a strong foundation for long term success”.

At the core of this drive for long term success is our club based system. It is here where the strategies to generate the fundamentals inherent in a strong sustainable program are being targeted.

Our Athlete Development Model (ADM) has a club athlete centered approach in its program offerings but specifically rewards the athlete that demonstrates potential by his or her on water performance.

The athletes and coaches understand that in order to be a member of Team USA Sprint Canoe/Kayak it is an earned privilege based on performance. 

The USA Canoe/Kayak Performance Awards document is an incentivized approach in striving for international excellence. Athletes receive a monetary reward based on performance at specified international events. 

A Coach Development Model (CDM), introduced in the summer of 2007, offers training to club coaches in USA Canoe Kayak’s sport specific coaching education program. Practical in its assessment of coaching competence and economical in its delivery, seminars are offered during training camps in which coaches are invited with their nominated athletes; as well as at the request of member clubs during visitations by the National Sprint Development Director. Annually these seminars are offered at the USA Canoe/Kayak Coaching and Leadership Conference – CHARLESTON, SC – October 23-25, 2015. 

The Sprint Coaches Association (SCA), formed in August of ’07, plays a significant role within USA Canoe/Kayak. With an elected Board of Directors, the SCA has provided direction and support in instituting the Performance Awards Program; Fitdex testing protocols; selection of the National Junior and Development Teams; reviewing Rules and Regulations applicable to Nationals and Trials. 

USA Canoe Kayak has established Five Goals to guide our Association and its activities:

  1. Fund the Mission – generate the resources needed for USA Canoe Kayak to achieve its Mission and Goals
  2. Grow the Base – develop new and innovative paths of access to competitive paddle sports that expand our base of participation.
  3. Achieve Sustained International Competitive Success – win medals at premiere international events.
  4. Empower Bold Leadership – set high standards for our performance and sport culture, founded in a strategy and structure that coordinates, collaborates, and empowers leadership at all levels of our sport.
  5. Expand Global Presence and Influence – be a strong partner in the international paddle sports community.

National Sprint Development Program

Mission Statement

To support all USA Canoe Kayak affiliated clubs in their efforts to provide quality paddling programs to their members and communities.

Vision Statement

To foster an environment where athletes, coaches, officials, directors, parents and volunteers are valued and respected in their efforts to support the growth of sprint canoe and kayak.