Despite the challenges, the opportunities for USA Canoe/Kayak athletes to win medals at the 2020 Olympic Games are within sight.  

While European competitors allocate heavily towards their expansive programs, Americans like you invest in athletes like ours who are passionate about their pursuit of excellence and value your support every day. Their commitment makes us proud and we can make a dream a reality by supporting key initiatives and programming that push USA Canoe/Kayak over the top. 

These include:

  • Key Sports Performance Staff and Technology support for all National Teams from Olympic to Junior to Paralympic.

  • Raising funds required to maintain the USA Canoe/Kayak National, Olympic and Paralympic competitors.

  • Funding additional training and competition activities for the National Teams, Developmental Teams, Paralympic, Olympic Teams and Junior Teams.

  • Further development of Certified Training Centers to increase facilities and the pool of athletes who have the motivation and the skill to win medals in the future.

  • Supporting the USA Canoe/Kayak National, Olympic and Paralympic Teams for sustained periods of time overseas for competition and training camps.

  • Creating innovative gateways to the paddle sports for new generation champions. 

The economic climate and pressure from other countries has pushed USA Canoe/Kayak to explore and pursue new sources of revenue like never before. The US Olympic Committee’s evolving support model pushes USA Canoe/Kayak to be increasingly self-sufficient and resourceful in developing new sources of financial support. Together, we can put America’s top paddlers on the podium, attract new participants to the sport and support athletes and teams who embody the best of what the Olympic Movement has to offer. Join our Team today and invest in USA Canoe/Kayak. We need your help!

Thank you for allowing us to share USA Canoe/Kayak’s plans for the future.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest in supporting our team as we work toward securing future success for USA Canoe/Kayak.