US Performance Academy

USA Canoe/Kayak has many student athletes who are thriving in their sport, deep in competition, and traveling to events across the United States and around the world. USA Canoe/Kayak saw the challenges students were facing in balancing the rigors of competition and the demands of a traditional school. In an effort to find a solution, USA Canoe/Kayak began searching for a school that would allow their athletes to succeed on the water and in the classroom. USA Canoe/Kayak needed an educational option for those students who were struggling to balance their unique schedule. US Performance Academy (USPA) has become the official and exclusive educational provider for USA Canoe/Kayak.

This partnership positively supports both USPA’s and USA Canoe/Kayak’s commitment to its mission and programs. Young competitive canoe and kayakers can now readily focus on their sport during competition with USA Canoe/Kayak and thrive in their learning during a time that works for them with USPA.

USPA is excited to support these hard-working and driven students at USA Canoe & Kayak. With the customized school calendar, learning coaches, network of athletes, and more, US Performance Academy is fully equipt to support the unique lifestyle of competitive athletes. The USPA leadership team is honored to have the partnership with USA Canoe & Kayak and is looking forward to keeping their athletes on track to success.

“Our athletes are, of course, passionate about success on the water. But they also desire to do well in school and prepare for college.” says Joe Jacobi, USA Canoe/Kayak CEO, “After conversations with leadership at USPA, and fully vetting the process, we recognized an outstanding opportunity for ambitious athletes while serving our organizational mission and goals. USPA serves student athletes where they reside as well the competitions and camps to which they travel.”

“We are facing a new generation in education.” says President of USPA, Peter Smith. “Young competitive athletes can utilize technology in their learning to boost their quality of life. For the first time, students can travel to competitions, excel in their education, and maintain a life at home without becoming overwhelmed. Our school is designed to teach students to work smarter, not harder. We are excited to partner with the folks at USA Canoe/Kayak. Joe and the entire USA Canoe/Kayak team are showing a real commitment and effort to support their student athletes.”

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