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Editor’s Note:

This year is 2013. In USAB, as with just about everything else, our handbook must change to reflect new polices, new trends, and a new name. USA Boxing is adopting the AIBA Medical Handbook as our own document except for provisions that do not apply in the USA.

This year also reflects a major change for us with the establishment of the World Boxing Academy. Dr. C. K. Wu, President of AIBA, has charged Dr. Charles Butler, Chairman of the Medical Commission of AIBA, and the members of the AIBA Medical Commission with the development of a Medical Curriculum to be used as a body of knowledge for ringside physicians. This information is available in the United States at the Physicians’ Symposium usually held at the time and location of the USAB National Tournament. USAB is proud to say that our course has served as an inspiration for this AIBA curriculum.

With that in mind, the USAB Medical Handbook now represents a condensed version of the knowledge expected of a Ringside Physician. The Physicians’ Symposium expands on the subjects noted in this document.

With the Handbook now to be published on-line ( it is meant to be a work in progress which can change as rules and policies change. As changes occur, they can be announced on-line and the information disseminated in a more timely fashion.

You will note that this edition now contains only the information specific to Medicine. There remains much general information that the doctors should know which is contained in the USAB Technical Rules and Regulations. Physicians should become familiar with that information which pertains to them as well.

The AIBA Medical Commission Handbook is also available on-line at and describes the manner in which these topics are handled on the AIBA International level as well as international certification.
Many thanks to all of those who have helped develop this handbook.

Robin I. Goodfellow, M.D.