USA Boxing Rankings General Information

The following information outlines the USA Boxing Rankings system. Any questions should be addressed to High Performance Director Matt Johnson at (719) 866-2321 or

Basic Ranking Information

Rankings in Amateur Boxing
The primary purpose of the USA Boxing ranking system is to identify and track the nation’s top boxers in the junior, youth and elite age divisions. In turn, this will also develop a vehicle for athletes to monitor and track their progress amongst other athletes in their division and weight class.

The USA Boxing Rankings began January 1, 2013 and all boxers started with zero points. The rankings operate on a two-year, rolling point system. This means that points accumulated from an event will be maintained until the completion of the following calendar year. Points earned from an event will be reduced by 50% on January 1 of the following year and will be eliminated completely on December 31. For example, points earned in 2014 were reduced by 50% on January 1, 2015 and points earned in 2013 were removed completely on December 31, 2014.  

Eligible athletes can only earn ranking points at a USA Boxing approved ranking event. All athletes in the ranking system must be U.S. citizens and documentation must be provided during the registration period to verify citizenship status of the athlete. Athletes must also be current members of USA Boxing and eligible to participate in AIBA Olympic Boxing events (AOB) for the United States.

Athletes within the ranking system will be categorized by both age and weight classification. Therefore, the rankings will showcase the nation’s best Junior, Youth and Elite level athletes. Within each age division, you will find the top boxers in each weight class. 

Events must be compliant with AIBA and USA Boxing event standards to be considered part of the ranking system. In addition to the predetermined standardized ranking events listed below, there will be an opportunity for events to be eligible for ranking via application. All accepted applicants will begin as Tier 1 events. Click here for the application.

How Athletes Earn Rankings Points
Eligible athletes are capable of earning rankings points at both national and international competitions that are approved by USA Boxing to be part of the ranking system. The amount of obtainable points depends on the level of competitiveness at the event taking place. For this matter, events have been categorized into seven different tiers, with Tier 7 being the most competitive and therefore having the highest amount of obtainable points, and Tier 1 being the least competitive and having the lowest amount of obtainable points.

Event Structure & Point Distribution
The amount of obtainable points at each tier’s corresponding events is as follows:

Tier 7
Olympic Games
1st Place – 1300 points
2nd Place – 900 points 
3rd Place – 800 points 
4th Place – 750 points 
5th Place – 600 points
6th Place – 550 points 
7th Place – 500 points 
8th Place – 450 points

Tier 6
AIBA Elite World Championships
1st Place – 1200 points 
2nd Place – 800 points 
3rd Place – 700 points 
4th Place – 650 points 
5th Place – 500 points 
6th Place – 450 points 
7th Place – 400 points 
8th Place – 350 points

Tier 5 
AIBA Ranking Competitions Excluding Tier 6 or Tier 7 Events 
* Pan American Games 
* Confederation Organized Events
*Youth Olympic Games

*Junior & Youth World Championships  

1st Place – 800 points
2nd Place – 600 points 
3rd Place – 500 points
4th Place – 450 points 
5th Place – 300 points 
6th Place – 250 points 
7th Place – 200 points 
8th Place – 150 points

Tier 4 
USA Boxing National Level Events 
* U.S. Olympic Trials for Men and Women’s Boxing 
* USA Boxing Elite National Championships 
* USA Boxing Youth National Championships 
* USA Boxing Junior World Team Open (Junior National Team Selecting Event)
1st Place – 400 points
2nd Place – 300 points
3rd Place – 200 points 
4th Place – 100 points (If the tournament is unable to schedule a true 3rd place box-off, each 3rd place finisher will receive 100 points and no points will be awarded at 4th place) 
5th – 8th Place – 40 points
Winning a bout – 20 points (All bouts except byes and place matches)
Place matches includes quarterfinals, semifinals and finals 
Losing a bout to a place finisher (All bouts except semifinals and finals)
Losing to 1st Place Finisher – 15 points 
Losing to 2nd Place Finisher – 10 points 
Losing to 3rd Place Finisher – 5 points 
Losing to 4th Place Finisher – 1 point 
If the tournament is unable to schedule a true 3rd place box-off, one point will be awarded to any athlete who lost to a 3rd or 4th place finisher

Tier 3 
Non-AIBA International Ranking Events     
Duals vs. one of the USA Boxing International Competitive Analysis’ Top Ten Countries
Top ten countries are determined by the most recent Olympic Games or Elite World Championships competition results

Round Robins
Competition where USA faces multiple countries and may have more than one national team competing
*If more than one US national team is competing, each U.S. boxer in a weight category faces all other foreign opponents in that weight category

National Federation Events 
1st Place – 300 points
2nd Place – 200 points 
3rd Place – 100 points
4th Place – 50 points 
5th - 8th Place – 30 points 
* If the event is a non-advancing tournament, boxers will receive 25 points per win (0 points for a loss) up to a maximum of 100 points for the event.

Tier 2 
Lower Class Duals and Other National Level Events 
* Duals vs. a country that is not in the USA Boxing International Competitive Analysis’ Top Ten 
* Junior Olympic National Championships 
* Non USA Boxing National Level Events By Application
* National PAL (If application accepted) 
* National Golden Gloves (If application accepted)
1st Place – 200 points 
2nd Place – 100 points 
3rd Place – 50 points 
4th Place – 25 points 
5th – 8th Place – 20 points
**If the event is a non-advancing tournament, boxers will receive 20 points per win (0 points for a loss) up to a maximum of 60 points for the event.

Tier 1 
Domestic events by application
* To Be Determined (Military Championships, Collegiate)
1st Place – 50 points 
2nd Place – 25 points 
3rd Place – 10 points 
4th Place – 5 points

Weight, Age, and AOB Status Classification Policies

Changing Weight Classification Within The Same Age Division
Ranking points that are accumulated by an athlete within a given weight class cannot be transferred to a different weight class. However, if an athlete chooses to change weight classes, within the same age division, after accumulating ranking points in a given weight class, those points will remain with that athlete in the weight class he or she earned for the given two-year time period. This means that athletes have the ability to earn ranking points in multiple weight classes, but the points earned in one weight class cannot be combined or transferred into another weight class.

Changing Age Divisions While Maintaining The Same Weight Classification
If an athlete moves from the Junior to Youth or Youth to Elite age division, 50% of his or her current ranking points earned from Tier 5 events will transfer with the athlete, given he or she remains in the same weight class that the points were earned in. No ranking points earned in events outside of Tier 5 will be transferred.

Changing Both Age and Weight Classification
An athlete who changes both his/her age division and weight class will not transfer any ranking points to the new age division and weight class.

Athletes Turning Professional, Excluding AIBA Pro Boxing (APB)
Any athlete who is no longer eligible to compete in the AOB relinquishes the points he/she has accumulated and is removed from the rankings. Points accumulated by the given professional athlete are nontransferable, however, athletes previously ranked at a lower position will be moved up due to the vacancy at the professional boxer’s ranking position (ex: if an athlete ranked 3rd turns professional, the 4th place boxer will move to 3rd and so on).

USADA Violation Policies USADA Violation At Or During A Ranking Event
If USADA renders a decision that disqualifies or suspends an athlete based on the result of a test at or immediately following a ranking event, all points accumulated at the event will be removed from that athlete. Other boxers will not receive any additional points. Points are nontransferable.

Out Of Competition USADA Testing Violation Or Suspension
If an athlete is found to have a doping violation or is suspended out of competition, he or she will not be eligible to accumulate points during the suspension period, according to the terms decided by USADA.

Other Policies & Ranking Specifications Withdrawal From Competition
If an athlete chooses to discontinue competing in a ranking event for reasons other than a medical disqualification, points accumulated during that event will be removed. Therefore, athletes must compete in all event scheduled matches such as a 3rd place box-off. In the case of such a withdrawal, the ranking points of all other boxers will remain the same. Points are nontransferable.

If two athletes are ranked equally, the athlete who has earned ranking points at the higher tier event will be ranked higher. In other words, an athlete who has earned ranking points at the Elite World Championships will be ranked higher than an athlete who has earned ranking points at the Pan American Games, given that these two athletes have the same amount of ranking points.

Disclaimer: USA Boxing reserves the right to alter the ranking system in any way it deems necessary.