USA Boxing Mourns the Loss of Gary Pliner

June 09, 2014, 7:31 a.m. (ET)



From USA Boxing


How do you begin to thank someone for dedicating nearly 40 years of their life in volunteer service?

Gary Pliner was first and foremost a boxing coach…he loved working with youth and seeing them develop; both in boxing and life skills.  I imagine there are many, many folks here today that have been positively affected by the time they were fortunate enough to spend with Gary.   


He was a gruff bear of a man who fought tenaciously for what he thought was right.  Gary was not afraid to voice his opinions, or to go against the grain for anything or anyone he believed in.  Inside this tough exterior though was a man with a heart of gold that beat for kids and people in need of direction, structure, and someone to care about them.


As his boxing knowledge grew, Gary naturally gravitated to leadership roles within the Wisconsin Local Boxing Committee (LBC) and the North Midwest Region where he served as Junior Olympic Coordinator, Regional Coordinator and Association President.  His leadership skills utilized again upon his election to the USA Boxing Board of Directors where he served as both the Coach’s Representative and Board Vice-President.  USA Boxing made great strides as an organization during Gary’s tenure with increased membership numbers and improved financial health.


To say that the boxing community across the United States will miss Gary is quite an understatement…he leaves a large hole in the hearts of boxing folks everywhere and hopefully whenever you hear the bell ring, you will think of the wonderful legacy that he has passed along to so many members of USA Boxing.

Thank you Gary Pliner.