Shields Enjoys Support from Laila Ali and Andre Ward for Sullivan award

March 13, 2013, 5:24 p.m. (ET)

Historic Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields has had some major names in boxing backing her bid for the 83rd annual James E. Sullivan award. Shields was named a semifinalist by the AAU and public voting for the award continues through Sunday, March 18 via this link. 

Women’s boxing legend and daughter of the great Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali, threw her support behind her fellow boxer on Wednesday on twitter, encouraging her followers to vote for Shields.   

Fellow Olympic gold medalist and Sullivan award semifinalist Andre Ward threw his twitter muscle behind Shields as well. Tweeting that he’d voted for Shields and they should too from his official account last week, Ward got the chance to say hello to her at a recent fight in New York. 

Several media outlets, including major boxing websites and Shields’ hometown press have assisted in getting the world out for people to vote since her announcement as a semifinalist last week. Her USA Boxing family has taken part in the campaign as well with several of her Olympic teammates taking to their social media outlets to get the word out. Recently, the athletes in Colorado Springs for training camp posed with their own Vote for Claressa sign to help encourage others to vote for the Olympic champion. 

Don’t forget to vote for Claressa and encourage your family and friends to so as well at http://