Letter to USAB Members from Anthony Bartkowski

Sept. 28, 2012, 8:30 p.m. (ET)


To: USA Boxing Members

From: Anthony Bartkowski, Executive Director

Date: September 28, 2012

Re: USOC and AIBA Hold USA Boxing Accountable

CC: Dr. Charles Butler, President

In the past seven days USA Boxing has been charged with serious accusations by both the USOC and AIBA. The letter from the USOC threatens immediate decertification of USA Boxing if we do not meet all their conditions. If USA Boxing is found guilty of the charges of AIBA, it could result in any penalty ranging from a monetary fine to complete termination of USA Boxing. This memorandum is written to be certain that you our members are completely informed. To recap for you:

  • Friday, September 21, 2012 – USA Boxing and past president Mr. Harold Adonis were served with an AIBA Disciplinary Commission Investigation Brief, regarding the public comments made by Mr. Adonis, spoken on behalf of USA Boxing earlier this year. Both USA Boxing and Mr. Adonis were given a deadline to respond to all charges by today September 28, however Mr. Adonis was granted an extension to October 12. USA Boxing moved to respond to the original deadline established by AIBA.

  • Thursday, September 27, 2012 – USA Boxing Board of Directors received a letter from USOC CEO Scott Blackmun outlining a decade of mismanagement and non-compliance with USOC requirements. “The letter serves as notice that the USOC is prepared to recommend decertification proceedings as a result of USA Boxing’s continued failure to execute it obligations under the (Ted Stevens Amateur and Olympic Sports) Act and USOC’s Bylaws.” The USOC addressed several areas of deficiency by USA Boxing:
    • Probation since 2002
    • Failure to address specific allegations leveled at past president Adonis
    • Current AIBA Disciplinary Commission allegations that could result in USA Boxing losing its status as a member of AIBA
    • Board of Directors micromanagement of professional staff and day-to-day operations specifically citing Mr. Gary Pliner as one cause of the decision to consider decertification.

The USOC and AIBA are holding USA Boxing accountable for its past actions and those of its leadership. Because of the severity of these two communications, your Board of Directors met Thursday night to establish a plan of action to preserve USA Boxing as an organization.

Since the letter of the USOC demands resignation of the current Board and the institution of a transitional Board by December 31, 2012, there can be no elections next week. The USOC also demanded the acceptance of an Advisory Committee mutually acceptable to the USOC, AIBA and USA Boxing to be put in place immediately. Failure to act would result in the immediate decertification and shut down of USA Boxing. The Board of Directors voted 7-4 to postpone the upcoming USA Boxing elections for athletes and board of directors in Toledo, Ohio, scheduled for October 11 and 12, and the Board approved the development of a mutually agreed upon Advisory Committee comprised of subject matter experts per the letter from the USOC.  With the advice of legal council, the Board also approved a response to the charges leveled by AIBA. Your current Board of Directors deserves credit for dealing with both of these serious allegations in a way that gives USA Boxing its best chance of surviving these two sets of serious charges.

All of the charges against us are severe and could result in suspension and/or decertification by the USOC and/or AIBA. The Board of Directors is working hard to keep this from occurring and will continue to update you on the progress being made. 

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