Letter from USA Boxing President Dr Charles Butler

Sept. 05, 2012, 5:50 p.m. (ET)

Dear Members of USA Boxing and especially Coaches,

When my son went to the World Championships and Olympics for the United States in ice-skating, he went with his personal coach. A personal coach provides stability, assurance, and confidence when an athlete joins a National Team for international competitions. A coach who develops a National Champion has got to be one of our best coaches. This raises the following questions: 

  • In USA Boxing, why does a coach who trains a national champion not get the opportunity to go to international competitions with his athlete? 
  • Why are personal coaches excluded?

The answer has always been that there are differences in technique and scoring in International Competition. Personal Coaches do not have the experience to compete in the international arena and now must be Level 3 AIBA Certified Coach.

The personal coaches who produce America’s Champions are our best coaches. Why not get a top flight International Coach who has won many Olympic and World Championship medals? We would use this coach to offer all Personal Coaches who have athletes finishing near the top at Nationals the chance to upgrade their international skills and coaching level so they can be certified by AIBA. The goal is to have the International Coach and Personal Coach work the corners at International Competitions, World Championships and the Olympic Games.

This is an ambitious plan. Are there hurdles, absolutely? The Personal Coaches must get credentialed to international standards. We must come up with money to cover the added expenses, such as: bake sales for coaches; neighborhood and church support to send coaches with their athletes; and extra credentials from the organizers.

But it seems like a project that USA Boxing should start work on immediately for our personal Coaches. My son went to the Olympics with his Personal Coach. Why not the same in USA Boxing? I ask your full support for this project!

Best regards,


Dr. Charles Butler