LBC Growth Awards

Nov. 05, 2012, 9:43 a.m. (ET)

LBC Membership Growth Awards Presented at the Annual Meeting 

USA Boxing was pleased to present thirteen 2011 LBC Membership Growth Awards during the annual meeting in Toledo, Ohio last month.  Congratulations and a “job well done” to these LBCs which grew their athlete/non-athlete membership more than 10% over the previous year. 

South Dakota  34%                              North Dakota    27%                         Niagara  25%

Dean Schrempp, President                  Dave Burtts, President              Don Simkin, President

Florida Gold Coast  21%                        Oregon  21%                            Middle Atlantic  15%

Chico Rivas, President                 Jason Marquoit, President           Bill Billingham, Acting Pres.

Allegheny Mountain  14%               Northern California  14%                   Border  13%

Mark Machi, President                    Ben Bautista, President            Herman Adams, President

New England  13%                            South Texas  13%                         South Atlantic  12%

Jim Perella, President                   Mark Calo-oy, President          Marvin McDowell, President 

Ohio  11%

Gene Campbell, President

With the implementation of the Membership Growth Incentive Program, we look forward to greater and greater numbers of LBCs earning these awards.  The Incentive Program provides rebates to LBCs that exceed 5% membership growth in 2012.  The Membership Growth Rebates are a very easy way to earn revenue for your LBC to increase your programs and funding for tournament travel.  We challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity to help raise dollars for your local grassroots boxing program!