Notice to All Coaches Interested in Coaching the Olympic Team

June 12, 2012, 9:26 p.m. (ET)

      The United States Olympic Committee has advised USA Boxing that the Coach Selection Procedures for the 2012 Olympic Games are flawed, in that individuals interested in being considered for the Head Coach and/or an Assistant Coach positions who did not submit an application in the Spring of 2011 are not under consideration.  To remedy this situation, any individual who is interested in being considered for one or more of these positions may apply to USA Boxing for consideration.  USA Boxing must receive applications by no later than noon Mountain time on Thursday, June 14, 2012, by emailing and/or faxing the application and resume to Eddie Yoon, USA Boxing High Performance Director, at or by fax to (719) 866-2132.

            In addition, the USOC has advised USA Boxing that, in order for a coach to be eligible to serve at the London Olympics, he or she must be on the Long List of candidates submitted to and accepted by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG).  A preliminary Long List was previously submitted to LOCOG, so any additions to the Long List must be approved by LOCOG.  Any individuals who are under serious consideration for a position, and who are not already on the accepted Long List must register for the Long List by no later than noon Mountain time on Friday, June 15, 2012.  Please note that registering for the Long List does not guarantee acceptance by LOCOG, and if a coaching candidate is not accepted to the Long List by LOCOG, then he or she will not be eligible to serve as an accredited coach at Olympics.  Acceptance by LOCOG does not guarantee a coach position on the U.S. Olympic Team. 

Coach Application 2012