2009 USA Boxing National Championships Independent Slot Application

May 15, 2009, 10:50 a.m. (ET)

Please click here to download an application for an Independent Slot for the 2009 USA Boxing National Championships attached to the right.  If you are interested in applying email, mail, or fax the completed form to High Performance Director Patrick Borkowski NO LATER THAN JUNE 1.

Per the USA Boxing Official Rule Book:

If a region is unable to field a boxer in each of the 11 weight classifications for the USA Boxing USA Boxing National Championships due to a lack of boxers in a category, or other justifiable reason, a committee made up of the USA Boxing CEO, High Performance Director, and a Board of Director Athlete Representative may fill vacancies with boxers applying in writing for the available slots. Selection shall be based on:

(a) The strength of the competition in the boxer's weight class in the regional tournament
(b) Previous performances in international or national events
(c) The boxer's national ranking at the time of competition. The boxer(s) shall be selected two weeks prior to the initial mandatory athlete physical at the start of the national tournament. The selected boxer(s) shall receive the same financial considerations, where applicable, from tournament organizations afforded to other regional boxers. The boxer(s) will not be eligible to score team points.