April Grassroots Athlete of the Month Nominees

May 11, 2009, 9:32 a.m. (ET)

The following athletes were recommended by LBC officials as contenders for USA Boxing's April Grassroots Athlete of the Month.  Please take the time to read about each athlete.  After deciding on your selection, visit the poll on the bottom of our homepage to vote.  Voting will end Monday, March 18.

 Daniel Sandoz

Attitude - Daniel Sandoz has been training at Pedone's Heavy Hitters in Stroudsburg, PA since he was 13 years old. He just turned 17 this year and has completely changed his attitude toward the sport of boxing and life. Daniel started competing last year in the PA Golden Gloves and won the PA Golden Gloves State Championship as a Cadet and was awarded the "Outstanding Boxer" award for the Central Division. He just missed it this year as a Novice by losing a decision to a boxer out of Rock Ministry in Philadelphia. Daniel took the defeat very well and took it as an opportunity to improve his skills and really focus on his dream of turning open class and moving up in weight.

Behavior - Daniel is a hard worker in the gym and has become a crucial team member as he assists the new boxers in the gym and has taken the team's first youth boxer under his wing. Daniel recently obtained his first job and is balancing boxing, work, and school. It has been a huge improvement from spending time on the streets and getting into trouble. Daniel's work ethic is unmatched and he has become "the next big thing" out of the novice class for the Middle Atlantic Division in PA. Everyone in the area knows about or has seen Danny Sandoz box.

Performance - Daniel only boxed one match in the PA Golden Gloves this year because of his 112lb. stature. He and his coach, Brian Pedone, have decided to move him up in weight and will begin boxing at the 119lb. weight division where Daniel will be much quicker and will be more of a threat. The gym has also formed a close relationship with Fast Lane Boxing out of Philadelphia and Daniel will be traveling with their team as they compete across the country. The team is looking to move into a new gym and become a nonprofit and with this Daniel will now have more time to train and more time to improve.

Submitted by: Brian Pedone
Position: Head Trainer of Pedone's Heavy Hitters


Glenn Dezurn 

Attitude - Although Glenn Dezurn on his final leg of the Golden Gloves tournament  fought courageously_against his opponent.  Although Glenn lost he showed  great admiration for his opponent

Behavior - Glenn is a quiet person and has always shown good behavior never getting involved  in altercations although provoked he's been able to maintain  what was instilled in him.

Performance - Glenn is an excellent boxers who has a goal to one day become a professional fighter

Submitted by: Tracy Thorpe
Position: Registration Chairman


Ray Stallings

Attitude - After losing in the 2007 U. S. Championships, Ray Stallings went back to his home in Indiana and began a boxing gym.  However, after a year and a half, he realized he wanted to compete until he reached the maximum age limit, 34.  He has been training extremely hard every spare minute he gets, in the hopes of beating every opponent he faces.

Behavior - Ray is an inspiration to everyone, young and old, in the gym.  The 32-year-old has a great work ethic both in the ring and out.  He has a full-time job, attends school, and has a wife and family of six.  He is also a thyroid cancer survivor.

Performance - Ray recently participated in and won the Arnold Sports Festival.  He was named outstanding boxer and was awarded with lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Submitted by: Richard Hildebrandt
Position:  LBC President