Athelte of the Week: David Williams

March 09, 2009, 10:09 a.m. (ET)

Name:  David Williams
Age:  20
Hometown:  New Haven, Ct.
Resides: Bronx, N. Y.
Height:  5' 10"
Weight Class:  132 lbs.
Coach's Name:  Eddie Acevedo
Club Name:  Cornerstone Boxing

David Williams easily finds the parallels between boxing and life.  "If you don't train and you go out there in the real world, you just might get an eight-count real quick."  Currently, Williams is taking every step to be sure he doesn't get knocked out.

A 2006 Golden Gloves Champion in the novice division and 2007 Ringside finalist, he began boxing at the age of 13.  Williams, admittedly, was unfamiliar with the sport.  "I knew Mike Tyson.  That's about it."  But he soon learned the ins and outs of the sweet science.  Williams credits his legs for his success in the ring, saying he can "throw 12 punches in about two seconds and get out of there in less." 

After taking a short hiatus from boxing, Williams returned with focus and determination.  He is fully committed to training and improving his skills in the ring while also attending Global Business Institute.  Williams will earn his degree in accounting in a few months.  And if you're wondering how he manages to train and go to school, his grandmother and mother are always there to keep him in line.  "No matter how side tracked I get, no matter what happens, they're always there for me to put the little bug in my ear and get me back on the right track."

Another person in his corner is his coach, Eddie Acevedo.  With a hectic schedule, a set training time is almost impossible.  Luckily, Acevedo believes in his boxer and is just as flexible as Williams's schedule.  "Eddie's always there to come open the door for me."

As long as the door is open, Williams will continue to train.