Rau’shee Warren and Paul Koon Earn Victories over Ireland

March 02, 2009, 12:21 p.m. (ET)

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) - The United States completed their second dual event with Ireland on Sunday, March 1 at the Arch Centre Athy in Kildare, Ireland. Due to injuries sustained by middleweight Aleem Whitfield (Geneva, N.Y.) and the Irish super heavyweight, the two nations only faced off in 10 bouts.

Flyweight Rau'shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio) and heavyweight Paul Koon (Philadelphia, Pa.) both came out victorious in the second dual event. Warren earned a 20-9 decision over Ruairi Dalton of Ireland with Koon defeating Ireland's John Sweeney on a 9-9 tiebreaker.

The team returns home from Ireland today following more than two weeks away from home with the training camp at the Olympic Training Center and the event.

Sunday, March 1 - Arch Centre Athy, Kildare, Ireland
106 lbs/48 kg: Paddy Barnes, Ireland**, dec. Louie Byrd, Denver, Colo./USA, 17-11

112 lbs/51 kg: Rau'shee Warren, Cincinnati, Ohio/USA* dec. Ruairi Dalton, Ireland
119 lbs/54 kg: Ryan Lindberg, Ireland dec. Ernesto Garza, Saginaw, Mich./USA, 18-6
125 lbs/57 kg: David Oliver Joyce, Ireland dec. Raynell Williams, Cleveland, Ohio/USA*, 6-6 (13-12)
132 lbs/60 kg: Eric Donovan, Ireland dec. Eric Fowler, Montgomery, Texas/USA, 27-7
132 lbs/female: Katie Taylor, Ireland*** stopped Queen Underwood, Seattle, Wash./USA, RSC-2
141 lbs/64 kg: John Joe Watson, Ireland, dec. Charles Watson, Johnson City, Tenn./USA, 20-2
152 lbs/69 kg: Roy Sheahan, Ireland dec. Javontae Starks, Minneapolis, Minn./USA, 8-3
178 lbs/81 kg: Denis Hogan, Ireland dec. Siju Shabazz, Las Cruces, N.M./USA, 11-8
201 lbs/91 kg: Paul Koon, Philadelphia, Pa./USA dec. John Sweeney, Ireland, 19-19 (45-37)