The Final Rosters for the 2009 USA Boxing National Championships are Released

June 02, 2009, 11:11 a.m. (ET)

All of the local and regional qualifiers for the 2009 USA Boxing National Championships have been completed and the rosters are set for the event, which will be contested, June 8-13 at the Denver Coliseum. Over 450 boxers will compete in the premier amateur boxing national championship event, which is moving north to Denver after six straight years in Colorado Springs.

For the first time, the open division male and female boxers will compete alongside the junior male and female athletes in the USA Boxing National Championships. Over 180 open division males will vie for a national title in the event, which serve as a World Championships qualifier for the open division men. On the women's side, eighty-one open division females have registered for the tournament, which will be contested just two months before the IOC's decision on Olympic inclusion for female boxers.

In junior division competition, 154 males and 36 junior females will box in the annual tournament. All of the junior and open division males and the junior females had to qualify through local and regional tournaments before advancing to the USA Boxing National Championships, while open division females had the option to compete in the tournament without qualifying. USA Boxing will announce the boxers who received an independent position on Wednesday, June 3.

All of the delegations will arrive in Denver before opening competition on Monday, June 8. Preliminary action will run through Wednesday, June 10 with junior finals and open men's semifinals being contested on Thursday, June 11. The women's finals will take place on Friday, June 12 with men's championship bouts closing the tournament on Saturday, June 13.

Tickets are currently available through and all King Soopers locations through the state of Colorado and start at only $7.50.

Any media wishing to cover the 2009 USA Boxing National Championships should fill out the attached accreditation form and return it to Julie Goldsticker at or fax it to (719) 632-3426.


Open Men
106 lbs: Tyshawn Jones, Newark, N.J.
112 lbs: Leroy Davila, Linden, N.J.
119 lbs: Luis Rosa, East Haven, Ct.
125 lbs: Rickey Edwards, Prospect Park, N.J.
132 lbs: Amir Iman, Schenectady, NY
141 lbs: Tom Duquett, Waltham, Mass.
152 lbs: Juan Rodriguez, Jersey City, N.J.
165 lbs: Russell Lamour, Portland, Maine
178 lbs: Ibn Akbar Richardson, Newark, N.J.
201 lbs: Frederick Samuels, East Meadow, N.Y.
201+ lbs: Jullian Pollard, Brockton, Mass.

Open Women
101 lbs: Laura Ramirez, Bronx, N.Y.
119 lbs: Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y.
125 lbs: Liz Leddy, Portland, Maine
132 lbs: Camille Currie, Rego Park, N.Y.
152 lbs: Lisa Kuronya, Bowdoin, Maine
165 lbs: Jennifer Egan, Brooklyn, N.Y.
178+ lbs: Sonya Lamonakis, New York, N.Y.

Junior Men
101 lbs: William Foster, West Haven, Conn.
106 lbs: Jose Martinez, Plainfield, N.J.
110 lbs: Jamie Estrada, New Windsor, N.Y.
114 lbs: Tremaine Williams, New Haven, Conn.
119 lbs: Juan Rijo, Rochester, N.Y.
125 lbs: Johnny Muniz, Paterson, N.J.
132 lbs: Tevin Alieu, Providence, R.I.
138 lbs: Rashidi Ellis, Lynn, Mass.
145 lbs: Joseph Goss, Bridgeport, Ct.
154 lbs: Eddie Gomez, Bronx, N.Y. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
165 lbs: Kesean Parker, Albany, N.Y.
176 lbs: Eric Padilla, Hempstead, N.Y.
176+ lbs: Robert McCarthy, Forked River, N.J.

East Central

Open Men
106 lbs: Miguel Cartagena, Philadelphia, Pa.
112 lbs: William Bentley, Philadelphia, Pa.
119 lbs: Marcus Gaddis, Landover, Md.
125 lbs: Kevin Rivers, Landover, Md.
132 lbs: Elvis Medrano, Washington DC
141 lbs: Gary Allen Russell III, Capitol Heights, Md.
152 lbs: Julian Williams, Philadelphia, Pa.
165 lbs: Travis Peterkin, Edgewood, Md.
178 lbs: Thomas Williams, Fort Washington, Md.
201 lbs: Charles Johnson, Upper Marlboro, Md.
201+ lbs: Ronald Gamble, Laurel, Md.

Open Women
112 lbs: Maria Cash, Oxen Hill, Md.
132 lbs: Rasheda Horne, Philadelphia, Pa.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Patrick Harris, Hyattsville, Md.
106 lbs: Donald Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.
110 lbs: Tymir Floyd, Philadelphia, Pa.
114 lbs: Gary Antonio Russell, Capitol Heights, Md.
119 lbs: Joshua Jones, Philadelphia, Pa. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
125 lbs: Damon Allen, Philadelphia, Pa.
132 lbs: Parris Chisholm III, Oxon Hill, Md.
138 lbs: Michael Reed, Waldorf, Md.
145 lbs: Antoine Douglas, Washington, DC
154 lbs: Karran Richardson, Philadelphia, Pa.
176+ lbs: Lamar Richrds, Philadelphia, Pa.

Junior Women
132 lbs: Asia Stevenson, Washington DC

Open Men
106 lbs: Javier Soto, Orlando, Fla.
112 lbs: Kabir Rodriguez, Miami, Fla.
119 lbs: Earl Edwards, Phenix City, Ala.
125 lbs: Mitch Foley, Mileton, Ga.
132 lbs: Tommy Roque, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
141 lbs: Michael Finney, Smiths Station, Ala. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
152 lbs: Brian Finney, Smiths Station, Ala.
165 lbs: Lamar Russ, Wilmington, N.C.
178 lbs: Steve Geffrard, Boca Raton, Fla.
201 lbs: Kevin Baker, Belle Glade, Fla.
201+ lbs: Curtis Harper, Jacksonville, Fla.

Open Women
119 lbs: Angel Hamby, Orlando, Fla.
125 lbs: Tanayris Negron, Orlando, Fla.
132 lbs: Tiara Brown, Columbus, S.C.
141 lbs: Ishika Lay, Jacksonville, Fla.
165 lbs: Qurdisha Gilliam, Ft. Valley, Ga.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Steven Cross, Tampa, Fla.
106 lbs: Victor Loera, Winter Haven, Fla.
114 lbs: Jbarri Barr, Tampa, Fla.
119 lbs: Dennis Galarza, Orlando, Fla.
125 lbs: Daniel Molina, Miami, Fla.
132 lbs: Michael Montgomery, Macon, Ga.
138 lbs: Carl Perry, Charlotte, N.C.
145 lbs: Justin William Deloach, Augusta, Ga.
154 lbs: Austine Omeben, Stuart, Fla.
165 lbs: Daquan Arnett, Orlando, Fla.
176+ lbs: Marcio Figuerroa, Orlando, Fla.

Southeast REGION
Open Men
106 lbs: Kaylan Alfred, Lafayette, La.
119 lbs: Larry Martin Downs, Pensacola, Fla.
125 lbs: Patrick Armour, Chattanooga, Tenn.
132 lbs: Michael Santos, Russellville, Ala.
141 lbs: Curtis Johnson, Hattiesburg, Miss.
152 lbs: Anthony Campbell, Covington, Tenn.
165 lbs: Chad Trahan, Lafayette, La.
178 lbs: Tyrone Davis, Monroe, La.
201 lbs: Javontae Charles, Memphis, Tenn.
201+ lbs: Frank Tate, Birmingham, Ala.

Open Women
132 lbs: Jennifer Sturgeon, Nashville, Tenn.
141 lbs: Kara Bergeron, Nashville, Tenn.

Junior Men
106 lbs: Jerry Lawson, Hattiesburg, Miss.
114 lbs: Roger Hilley, Chattanooga, Tenn.
119 lbs: Stephen McIntyre, Dothan, Ala.
125 lbs: Avious Griffin, Chattanooga, Tenn.
132 lbs: Ryan Martin, Chattanooga, Tenn.
138 lbs: Jared Reyes, Johnson City, Tenn.
145 lbs: Bobby Bryant, Olive Branch, Miss.
154 lbs: Ladarius Miller, Memphis, Tenn.
165 lbs: Kawi Coleman, Ripley, Tenn.
176 lbs: Justin Wilcox, Johnson City, Tenn.
176+ lbs: Jalen Williams, Jackson, Tenn.

Junior Women
106 lbs: Dayanie Charles, Carencro, La.
110 lbs: Jessica Joyner, Holly Springs, N.C.
114 lbs: Kaylyn Karnowsky, Youngsville, La.

Open Men
112 lbs: Adon Ortiz, Sterling, Ill.
119 lbs: Rau'shee Warren, Cincinnati, Ohio (Two-time Olympian and 2007 World Champion)
125 lbs: Ernesto Garza, Saginaw, Mich.
132 lbs: Yuandale Evans, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
141 lbs: Zeddie Adams, Cleveland, Ohio (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
152 lbs: Edwardo Alicea, Cleveland, Ohio
165 lbs: Terrell Gausha, Cleveland, Ohio
178 lbs: Armando Pina, Chicago, Ill.
201 lbs: Robert Jekobson, Chicago, Ill.
201+ lbs:  John Smith, Columbus, Ohio

Open Women
101 lbs: Samantha Guzman, Oak Park, Ill.
119 lbs: Tiffany Perez, Hammond, Ind.
125 lbs: Chastity Funseth, Otisville, Mich.
132 lbs: Sudana Fowler, Detroit, Mich.
141 lbs: Vanessa Jackson, Columbus, Ohio (2008 Future Stars National Champion and World Championships silver medalist)
152 lbs: Andrecia Wasson, Centerline, Mich.
165 lbs: Mario Norton Baumer, Cincinnati, Ohio
178 lbs: Tiffanie Hearn, Louisville, Ky. (2008 Future Stars National Champion and World Championships silver medalist)
178+ lbs: Traynora Locke, Lexington, Ky.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Cody Stone, Indianapolis, Ind.
106 lbs: Hakeem Watkins, Columbus, Ohio
110 lbs: Austin Watkins, Monroe, Mich.
114 lbs: Zachariah Shamoun, Beverly Hills, Mich.
119 lbs: Kenneth Sims, Chicago, Ill.
125 lbs: Albert Bell, Toledo, Ohio
132 lbs: Jose Arambula, Harvey, Ill.
138 lbs: Khalid Almousa, Burbank, Ill.
145 lbs: Brandon Love, Detroit, Mich.
154 lbs: Joseph Bonas, Belville, Mich.
165 lbs: Donald Anderson, Columbus, Ohio (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
176 lbs: Juan Salinas, Youngstown, Ohio
176+ lbs: Trevor Mourer, Cambridge, Ohio

Junior Women
110 lbs: Alycia Baumgardner, Fremont, Ohio
119 lbs: Cassandra Nieves, Cleveland, Ohio
125 lbs: Valerie Farley, Port Huron, Mich.
132 lbs: Lauryn Corey, Ashland, Ky.
145 lbs: Sarah Edwards, Lexington, Ky.
154 lbs: Jessica Caudill, Ashland, Ky.
176+ lbs: Raven Barnes, Ypsilanti, Mich.

Open Men
119 lbs: Juan Briseno, Kenosha, Wis.
125 lbs: Dustin Mason, White Bear Lake, Minn.
132 lbs: Adrian Martinez, Milwaukee, Wis.
141 lbs: Andre Sherard, Milwaukee, Wis. (2008 Under 19 National Champion)
152 lbs: Javontae Starks, St. Paul, Minn. (2008 Future Stars National Champion)
165 lbs: Luis Arias, Milwaukee, Wis. (2008 Future Stars National Champion)
178 lbs: Robert Brant, Oakdale, Minn. (2008 Under 19 National Champion)
201 lbs: Donovan Dennis, Davenport, Iowa
201+ lbs: Aaron Green, Hopkins, Minn.

Open Women
101 lbs: Sadie Roberts, Hudson, Iowa

Junior Men
110 lbs: Ricky Lacefield, Lincoln, Neb.
114 lbs: Thomas Hill, Milwaukee, Wis.
119 lbs: Angel Garcia, Milwaukee, Wis.
125 lbs: Marco Briceno, Kenosha, Wis.
132 lbs: Aaron Medina, Milwaukee, Wis.
145 lbs: Dylan Mason, White Bear, Minn. 

Junior Women
145 lbs: Amournix Stamps, Milwaukee, Wis. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)

Open Men
106 lbs: Stephon Young, St. Louis, Mo.
119 lbs: Thomas Huitt-Johnson, St. Joseph, Mo.
125 lbs: Lavale Wilson, N. Little Rock, Ark.
132 lbs: Derrick Murray, St. Louis, Mo.
141 lbs: Tony Losey, Wichita, Kansas
152 lbs: Kelvin Butler, N. Little Rock, Ark.
165 lbs: Ray Rivera, Kansas City, Mo.
178 lbs Immanuel Thompson, Wichita, Kan.
201 lbs: Jeff Page, Andover, Kansas
201+ lbs: Lenroy Thompson, Lenexa, Kansas (2008 U.S. Future Stars National Champion)

Open Women
106 lbs: Jessica Barron, Topeka, Kansas
119 lbs: Marisa Aldana, Garden City, Kansas
125 lbs: Shelli Motzek, Mt. Hope, Kansas
132 lbs: Angel Ford, N. Little Rock, Ark.
165 lbs: Mioshia Wagoner, Lawrence, Kansas (2008 Future Stars National Champion and World Championships silver medalist)

Junior Men
101 lbs: Nick Stevens, Clarksville, Ark.
106 lbs: Jesse Holmes, St. Louis, Mo.
110 lbs: Keevan Evans, Little Rock, Ark.
114 lbs: Quincy Means, Pine Bluff, Ark.
119 lbs: Kion Evans, Little Rock, Ark.
125 lbs: Jonathan Petterson, Kansas City, Mo.
132 lbs: Shannen McCray, Lees Summitt, Mo.
138 lbs: Kent Cruz, St. Louis, Mo.
145 lbs: Michael Williams, Pine Bluff, Ark.
154 lbs: Julius Butler, St. Louis, Mo.
165 lbs: Ethan Lowe, Russellville, Ark.
176 lbs: Reggie Balle, St. Louis, Mo.
176+ lbs: Joshua Temple, St. Louis, Mo. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)

Junior Women
125 lbs: Shoshanna Lynn, Tulsa, Okla.
138 lbs: Kimberly Phillips, Sheridan, Ark.
145 lbs: Taylor Edwards, Sheridan, Ark.

Open Men
106 lbs - Daniel Ybarra, Houston, Texas
112 lbs - Oscar Cantu, Kingsville, Texas
119 lbs - Isaac Torres, Mission, Texas
125 lbs - Jerren Cochran,
132 lbs - Abraham Torres, Dallas, Texas
141 lbs - George Rincon, Carrollton, Texas
152 lbs - Errol Spence, Desoto, Texas
165 lbs - Kurtiss Colvin, Austin, Texas
178 lbs - Robert Sherman, Houston, Texas
201 lbs - Anthony Mack, Plano, Texas
201+ lbs - Eric Reza, El Paso, Texas

Open Women
101 lbs: Ashley Alvarado, Houston, Texas 
106 lbs: Marlen Esparza, Houston, Texas (Three-time national champion)     
112 lbs: Sylvia Villapando, Houston, Texas (2008 U.S. Future Stars National Champion)             
119 lbs: Samantha Martinez, Fort Worth, Texas
125 lbs:  Alyssa Garcia, Eagle Lake, Texas          
132 lbs:  Alexandria Cardenas, San Angelo, Texas
141 lbs:  Jennifer Fenn, Cedar Creek, Texas           
+178 lbs: Allana Huggins, Fort Worth, Texas (2006 National Champion)

Junior Men
101 lbs: Alfredo Mojica, Dallas, Texas
106 lbs: Oscar Mujica, Dallas, Texas
110 lbs: Carlos Adame, Dallas, Texas
114 lbs: Jon Baladez, Austin, Texas
119 lbs: Ricardo Barron, Dallas, Texas
125 lbs: Jeremy Longoria, Corpus Christi, Texas
132 lbs: Anthony Capulin, Houston, Texas
138 lbs: Marcos Rodriguez, Midland, Texas
145 lbs: James Burns, Ft. Worth, Texas
154 lbs: Gabriel Ayala, Mercedes, Texas
165 lbs: Eric Guajardo, San Antonio, Texas
176+ lbs: Blas Hernandez, Bridgeport, Texas

Junior Women
101 lbs: Maria Arreola, Freeport, Texas
114 lbs: Dascia Villa, Garland, Texas
125 lbs: Crystal Martinez, Houston, Texas
138 lbs: Katherine Keller, Lockhart, Texas

Open Men
106 lbs: Marco Rangel, Scottsdale, Ariz. (2005 National Champion)
112 lbs: Louie Byrd, Denver, Colo. (2008 Future Stars National Champion)
119 lbs: Jazzima Hogue, Denver, Colo.
125 lbs: Jose Haro, Jr., WVC, Utah
132 lbs: Abdur Raheem, Colorado Springs, Colo.
141 lbs: Jose Benavidez, Phoenix, Ariz.
152 lbs: John Zabala, Arvada, Colo.
165 lbs: Jesus Correa, Albuquerque, N.M.
178 lbs: Andrew Hernandez, Phoenix, Ariz.
201 lbs: Gildardo Garcia, Denver, Colo.
201+ lbs: Terrance Perro, Denver, Colo.

Open Women
112 lbs: Cynthia Moreno, Phoenix, Ariz. (2008 Future Stars National Champion and World Championships bronze medalist)
119 lbs: Rita Martinez, Las Cruces, N.M.
125 lbs: Amanda Crespin, Las Vegas, N.M.
141 lbs: Amorena Baca, Denver, Colo.
165 lbs: Alyssa Defazio, Peoria, Ariz.
178 lbs: Emilia Longoria, Phoenix, Ariz.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Eduardo Vasquez, Denver, Colo.
106 lbs: Martiniano Quezada, Aurora, Colo.
110 lbs: Ever Rodriguez, Denver, Colo.
114 lbs: Emmanuel Nieves, Phoenix, Ariz.
119 lbs: Ricky Rodriguez, Evans, Colo.
125 lbs: Hilario Ramirez-Medina, Longmont, Colo.
132 lbs: Jose Macias, Bullhead, Ariz.
138 lbs: Jorge Castro, Arvada, Colo.
154 lbs: Trejo Romero, Arizona City, Ariz.
165 lbs: Damian Romero, La Salle, Colo.
178+ lbs: Trevor McCumby, Glendale, Ariz.

Junior Women
101 lbs: Tania Lopez, Phoenix, Ariz.
106 lbs: Angelica Sanchez, Taos, N.M.
114 lbs: Danisha Lopez, Roswell, N.M.
119 lbs: Jessica Portillo, Mesa, Ariz.
125 lbs: Guadalupe Mevarez, Phoenix, Ariz.
138 lbs: Alexandria Valdez, South Ogden, Utah

Open Men
119 lbs: Gabriel Montoya, Cheyenne, Wyo.
125 lbs: Matt Ludwig, Great Falls, Mont.
132 lbs: Duran Caferro, Helena, Mont.
141 lbs: Matt Skew, Hamilton, Mont.
152 lbs: Ryan Silva, Casper, Wyo.
178 lbs: Dave Otis, Belgrade, Mont.

Open Women
112 lbs: Amy Sowers, Bozeman, Mont.

Junior Men
119 lbs: Timothy Madison
132 lbs: Jayme Rupp, Helena, Mont.
138 lbs: Jeffrey Lake, Rock Springs, Wyo.
145 lbs: Lukas Whitetail, Mclaughlin, S.D.
154 lbs: Tyson Whitegrass, Browning, Mont.
165 lbs: Dillon Nations, Rock Springs, Wyo.
176+ lbs: Eric Hempstead, Anaconda, Mont. 

Open Men
112 lbs: Michael Ruiz, Jr., Fresno, Calif.
119 lbs: Manuel Avila, Fairfield, Calif.
125 lbs: Randy Guerrero, Gilroy, Calif.
132 lbs: Adam Fiel, Vacaville, Calif.
141 lbs: Adam Vences, San Jose, Calif.
152 lbs: Richard Hargraves, San Francisco, Calif.
165 lbs: Otis Seymore, Oakland, Calif.
178 lbs: Joaquin Lopez, Ukiah, Calif.
201 lbs: Akeem Holland, San Mateo, Calif.
201+ lbs: O'Jayland Brown, Sacramento, Calif.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Eros Correa, San Jose, Calif.
110 lbs: Edwin Sandoval, Bakersfield, Calif.
114 lbs: Mark Hernandez, Fresno, Calif.
119 lbs: Luis Ambrosio, Fresno, Calif.
125 lbs: Jose Ramirez, Avenal, Calif. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
132 lbs: Ramon Valaquez, Watsonville, Calif.
138 lbs: Brian Alvarez, Woodland, Calif.
145 lbs: Erik Sanchez, Salinas, Calif.
165 lbs: Sammy Villa, Oaks, Calif.

Junior Women
114 lbs: Christal Barajas, Concord, Calif.
119 lbs: Natalie Salas, Fresno, Calif.
125 lbs: Shanne Ruglas, Fresno, Calif.

Open Men
112 lbs: Everardo Lopez, Des Moines, Wash.
125 lbs: Jerrell Barbour, Tacoma, Wash.
132 lbs: Jesse Carnell, Jerome, Idaho
141 lbs: Matt Flores, Twin Falls, Idaho
152 lbs: Landon Horseman, Spokane, Wash.
165 lbs: Michael Gavronski, North Bend, Wash.
178 lbs: Shad Cramer, Spokane, Wash.
201 lbs: Garret Simon, Puyallup, Wash. (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
201+ lbs: Reyes Diaz, Paseo, Wash. 

Open Women
141 lbs: Queen Underwood, Seattle, Wash. (Three-time national champion)
165 lbs: Griselda Madrigal, E. Wenatchpe, Wash.
178+ lbs: Angela Sperry, Beaverton, Ore.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Angel Garcia, Seattle, Wash.
106 lbs: Jorge Soto, Tacoma, Wash.
110 lbs: David Sandoval, Tacoma, Wash.
114 lbs: Oscar Herrera, Aloha, Ore.
119 lbs: Nick Jefferson, Puyallup, Wash.
125 lbs: Elijah Peters, Graham, Wash.
132 lbs: Junior Zurita, Beaverton, Ore.
145 lbs: Brandon Mendoza, Nampa, Idaho
154 lbs: Anthony Villalta, Beaverton, Ore.

Junior Women
125 lbs: Salceia Dillingham, Tacoma, Wash.
138 lbs: Alex Petereson, Milton, Wash. 

Open Men
106 lbs: Garen Rabellizsa, Waianae, Hawaii
112 lbs: Cory Altura, Kahului, Hawaii
119 lbs: Lean Cumbuc, Wailuku, Hawaii
125 lbs: Thomas Matias, Waianae, Hawaii
132 lbs: Conrado Martin, Keaau, Hawaii
141 lbs: Michael Uemoto, Waianae, Hawaii
152 lbs: Anthony Pereira, Waianae, Hawaii
165 lbs: Kainoa Oca-Kauhane, Honolulu, Hawaii
201 lbs: John Asi, Honolulu, Hawaii
201+ lbs: Eric Edwards, Waianae, Hawaii

Open Women
101 lbs: Colleen Loo, Kahului, Hawaii
165 lbs: Gardenia Sims, Honolulu, Hawaii
178+ lbs: Natacia Manuma, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Junior Men
101 lbs: Johnathan Benitez, Waianae, Hawaii
106 lbs: Dido Rodriguez, Waianae, Hawaii
110 lbs: Joshua McShane, Waianae, Hawaii
114 lbs: Emmit Bolibol, Honolulu, Hawaii
119 lbs: Ansen Armitage, Waianae, Hawaii
125 lbs: Anthony Ibanez, Wailuku, Hawaii
132 lbs: Arnold Dinong, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
138 lbs: Keanu Sabado, Aiea, Hawaii
145 lbs: Jonathan Dinong, Waianae, Hawaii
176+ lbs: Mark Antalan, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Junior Women
114 lbs: Sharvelle de Castro, Ewa, Hawaii
125 lbs: Sau Chazzette, Kihei, Hawaii (2008 Junior Olympic National Champion)
132 lbs: Alyssa Kane, Kapolei, Hawaii
138 lbs: Kalynn Talalotu, Waianae, Hawaii 

106 lbs: Fabian Cervantes, Arleta, Calif.
112 lbs: Josue Cervantes, Arleta, Calif.
119 lbs: Jesus Magdaleno, Las Vegas, Nev.
125 lbs:  Michael Santomanro, Las Vegas, Nev.
132 lbs:  Xavier Montelongo, Los Angeles, Calif.
141 lbs:  Frankie Gomez, Los Angeles, Calif.
152 lbs:  Anthony Flores, Inglewood, Calif.
165 lbs:  Bradley Blankenship, Las Vegas, Nev.
178 lbs:  Dorian Anthony, Lynwood, Calif. (2008 U.S. Future Stars National Champion)
201 lbs:  Hasim Rahman, Jr., Las Vegas, Nev.
201+ lbs: Javier Torres

101 lbs: Paola Arana, Duarte, Calif.
106 lbs: Vanessa Guzman, Chula Vista, Calif.
112 lbs: Seniesa Estrada, Los Angeles, Calif. (Two-time Junior Olympic National Champion)
119 lbs: Raelene Pineda, San Bernadino, Calif.
125 lbs: Patricia Manuel, Commerce, Calif.
132 lbs: Yolanda Ezell, Los Angeles, Calif.
178 lbs:  Denise Rico, Los Angeles, Calif.

Junior Men
101 lbs: Emilio Sanchez, Pacoima, Calif.
106 lbs: Richard Aparicio, Monte, Calif.
110 lbs: Hector Luna, San Bernadino, Calif.
114 lbs: Carlos Chavez, North Hollywood, Calif.
119 lbs: Joseph Diaz, South El Monte, Calif.
125 lbs: Isaac Castaneda, Las Vegas, Nev.
132 lbs: Donald Brown, El Monte, Calif.
138 lbs: Joschua Loftis, Henderson, Nev.
145 lbs: Christopher Picos, Norwalk, Calif.
154 lbs: Manuel Fernandez, Torrance, Calif.
165 lbs: Evan Richardson, Reno, Nev.
176 lbs: Andrew Foster, Long Beach, Calif.
176+ lbs: Arnold Noriega, E. Los Angeles, Calif.

Junior Women
114 lbs: Kimberly Nolasco, Los Angeles, Calif.
125 lbs: Flora Yanes, Hawthorne, Calif.

Open Men
106 lbs: Michael Benedosso, Fort Carson, Colo./Milford, Ct.
112 lbs: Adrian Ghisiou, Fort Hood, Texas/Erie, Pa.
119 lbs: John Franklin, Fort Carson, Colo./Kansas City, Mo.
125 lbs: Alexis Ramos, Fort Carson, Colo./Schertz, Texas
132 lbs: Connor Johnson, Fort Carson, Colo./Waterloo, Iowa
141 lbs: Dustin Lara, Fort Carson, Colo./Long Beach, Calif.
152 lbs: Reyes Marquez, Fort Myer, Va./Winston-Salem, N.C.                                                            
165 lbs: Sidney Williams, USAR, Kentucky/Lexington, Ky.
178 lbs: Jeffery Spencer, Fort Carson, Colo./Gary, Ind.
201+ lbs: Andrew Shepherd, Fort Carson, Colo.

Open Men
119 lbs: Magdiel Matias, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
125 lbs: Elias Sanchez, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
132 lbs: Todd Dekinderen, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
141 lbs: Jamel Herring, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
165 lbs: Jorge Velencia, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
201 lbs: Bryant Tune, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Open Men
125 lbs: James Barber, Oklahoma City, Okla.
132 lbs: Robert Francisco, Grand Forks, N.D.
152 lbs: Joshua Gomez, El Paso, Texas
178 lbs: Nicholas Alwan, Pope Air Force Base, N.C.

132 lbs: Crystal Isom, Panama City, Fla.

Open Men
141 lbs: Justin Diaz, Port Hueneme, Calif.
165 lbs: Abdullah Johnson, Port Hueneme, Calif.
201 lbs: Henry Valdez, Port Hueneme, Calif.
201+ lbs: Javon Wallace, Port Hueneme, Calif.

Open Men
112 lbs: Bruno Escalante, Jr., Waimanalo, Hawaii
119 lbs: Roman Morales, San Ardo, Calif.
125 lbs: Gabino Saenz III, Indio, Calif.
132 lbs: Eric Fowler, Conor, Texas
141 lbs: Emmanuel Robles, Imperial Beach, Calif.
165 lbs: Marcus Browne, Staten Island, N.Y.
178 lbs: Siju Shabazz, Las Cruces, N.M.
201 lbs: Nicholas Kisner, Glen Burnie, Md.

Open Women
101 lbs: Jessica Ponce, Napa, Calif.
106 lbs: Marina Ramirez, Parma, Idaho
112 lbs: Heather Han, El Paso, Texas
125 lbs: Katonya Fisher, Bakersfield, Calif.
141 lbs: Althea Saunders, Atlantic City, N.J.
152 lbs: Brittany Inkrote, Red Lion, Pa.
165 lbs: Tia Daniels, Palm Bay, Fla.
178 lbs: Tyler Lord Wilder, Lansing, Mich.
178+ lbs: Victoria Perez, Ventura, Calif.

101 lbs: Steve Cross, Covington, Tenn.
106 lbs: Shawn Simpson, Chicago, Ill.
110 lbs: Pedro Duran, Downey, Calif.
114 lbs: Ray Ximenez, Dallas, Texas
119 lbs: Luis Feliciano, Milwaukee, Wis.
132 lbs: Manuel Rojas, Dallas, Texas
145 lbs: Angel Bojado, Los Angeles, Calif.
154 lbs: Damien Howard, St. Louis, Mo.
165 lbs: D'Mitrius Ballrard, Temple Hills, Md.
178 lbs: Jerry Odom, Bowie, Md.
178+ lbs: Robert Coons, San Diego, Calif.

106 lbs: Keola McKee, Marquette, Mich.
119 lbs: Rafael Santos, Marquette,Mich.
132 lbs: Ricky Alvarez, Marquette,Mich.
141 lbs: Manuel Lopez, Marquette,Mich.
152 lbs: Gregory Carter, Marquette,Mich.
165 lbs: Jesse Hart, Marquette,Mich.
178 lbs: Derae Crane, Marquette,Mich.
201+ lbs: Trevor Bryan, Marquette,Mich.

125 lbs: Ricardo Gallegos, Caldwell, Idaho
125 lbs: Francisco "Chuy" Alegria, Fort Worth, Texas

201 lbs: Paul Koon, Philadelphia, Pa.
201+ lbs: Michael Hunter, Las Vegas, Nev. (U.S. Olympic Team Trials Champion)

101 lbs: Sherry Sanders, Tulsa, Okla.
112 lbs: Alice Avila,  Colorado Springs, Colo.
112 lbs: Nicole Pasillas, Aurora, Colo.
125 lbs: Chasity Funseth, Otisville, Mich.
125 lbs: Jody-Ann Weller, Pomona, NY
125 lbs: Deirdre Rhodes, St. Louis, Mo.
125 lbs: Alicia Gutierrez, Park Ridge, Ill.
132 lbs: LaTeisha Darden, Wilmington, N.C.
132 lbs: Lisa Porter, San Diego, Calif.
152 lbs: Suzana Rodriguez, Indianapolis, Ind.
178 lbs: Tika Hemingway, Pittsburgh, Pa.