USA Boxing Update

July 31, 2009, 1:43 p.m. (ET)



Staff Updates 

USA Boxing is announcing the departure of two staff from the National Office. 

Business Manager, Linda Gleeson, has submitted her letter of resignation from USA Boxing, effective September 2, 2009. Linda has been associated with USA Boxing for ten years. She has provided a consistently high level of professional management to our National Office. We lose one of the most valuable USA Boxing assets with her departure.

Her institutional knowledge will be very difficult to replace.  We wish Linda the best in her future. 

High Performance Director, Patrick Borkowski, has submitted his letter of resignation with an effective date of August 14. During his tenure at USA Boxing, Patrick was responsible for programs associated with the development of our elite athletes. I personally witnessed an individual who had a high level of integrity and an amazing ability to communicate with our athletes, His dynamic approach proved to have a positive and effective impact on our athletes. We wish Patrick success in his new endeavors. 

Media Updates 

USOC's NGB Media Services program announced that it would provide funding to our NGB. See message below: 

USA Boxing has qualified for the program and starting on August 3 we'd like to bring on Julie Goldsticker to assist you in PR matters concerning your organization.  It's not the full-time situation you've had with Julie in the past but it would involve from 5-10 hours a week assisting with press releases, the women's championship and other elite athlete programs. She's excited about it and I think it will be a good situation for USA Boxing as you go into the second half of 2009.

 This will be a valuable resource for our sport as we go through reorganization. As a result of reduced staff levels, our press releases and website updates were getting neglected. 

Board of Directors 

Representatives of USA Boxing Board of Directors, USA Boxing Foundation Trustees, and USOC representatives will meet in New York on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, to discuss the current status of USA Boxing, Inc and long term plans for reorganization and successful fiscal management. 


The National Office wants to bring everyone up to date on the process by which the 2009 Women's Continental Championships were rescheduled and moved. 

On July 1, Interim Executive Director Mike Martino found two unsigned contracts associated with the 2009 Women's Continental Championships on the desk of past Executive Director Jim Millman. The two contracts, one between USA Boxing and Newark, New Jersey, and the second between Americas Boxing Confederation, USA Boxing and Newark had been neglected and no current office staff were aware of the status of the event. Additional research found that "no funds" had been allocated for this event, no invitation letters from USA Boxing to the Boxing Federations had been distributed and no contact with Newark had been made in over a month. 

Interim E.D. Mike Martino contacted Women's Task Force Chair Christy Halbert and discussed the mismanagement of this event. After long discussion it was decided that if the Women's Task Force could accept the responsibility of serving as the Event Organizer and that if  donated funds could be raised  to send our team to Newark, we should make every effort to move forward with the event.  Christy was given the task of getting the Women's Task Force committed to serve as volunteer event staff. Martino would notify the Board of Directors during the July 2 conference call of the status of event and request the approval to sign contract and raise donated funds to purchase airline tickets for the USA team. 

July 2     The Board gave approval for Martino to sign contract with the understanding that the Women's Task Force would be responsible for the management of this event. 

During the next two weeks (July 6-20), invitation letters were distributed to National Boxing Federations, hotel accommodation and facility information was requested from Newark and a follow-up e-mail to participating countries regarding visa applications was sent out. 

July 17     USA Boxing received a letter outlining the hotel and dormitory accommodations. 

It was during this two week period that questions regarding the ability for participating countries to obtain visas to enter the United States became an issue. Christy was referred to the USOC for assistance in contacting officials of the State Department familiar with visa application process. The initial response from the officials was that of concern. They warned that it would be difficult for athletes to get appointments with their embassies and obtain visas with such a short time frame before scheduled event. Numerous discussions were initiated with Newark officials and an e-mail of concern was sent to all invited countries asking them to not purchase any airline tickets until further notice. USA Boxing had concerns that if tickets were purchased and the event was postponed, airfare might be in jeopardy. 

July 22     Martino had a conversation with the Newark Organizing Committee regarding the complications regarding the visa process. Additional discussion about  how USA Boxing's change of Executive Directors and loss of Event Staff contributed to this event not receiving the attention and commitment that it deserved.

Martino made a request to postpone the event until later in the year.  After lengthy discussion it was agreed, that it was in the best interests of USA Boxing, Newark and all invited athletes that the event would be rescheduled. I advised Newark that we would assign Christy Halbert to oversee the new competition date selection. 

July 23     The following e-mail was sent to all invited countries:

USA Boxing is announcing the postponement of the 2009 Women's Continental Championships scheduled for Newark, New Jersey August 12-17, 2009. The Newark Organizing Committee and USA Boxing will be meeting this week to determine alternative dates for this important event. Dates will be submitted to Boxing Federations and through consultation with Mr. Domingo Solano, a new date will be selected and invitations will be distributed. USA Boxing recognizes the disappointment and potential hardships that this delay has caused but the need to have additional time to plan this event to ensure all interested Federations and athletes have an opportunity to participate requires this rescheduling.   

July 24     Christy Halbert notifies Martino that she discussed alternative dates with New Jersey Organizing Committee and a late September date might be available. 

July 25     Saturday e-mail from Newark indicated that Solano was requesting new contract to be signed. He was in Mexico and wanted to discuss the dates with representatives of AMBC. 

July 28     Tuesday AM e-mail from USA Boxing member Ray Silvas stated the folowing:

Just received this memo from Domingo Solano where he is announcing changing the site and date of the Women's Championships from Newark, NJ to Guayaquil, Ecuador on October 3-9, 2009. Domingo states that tireless efforts were made to conduct this tournament in NJ but because of internal problems within USA Boxing that was not possible after all. He states that four members of the AMBC met in Mexico (Contreras, Boselli, Vellon, Solano) along with e-mailing Charles Butler and that everyone was in agreement to change the venue. 

As you can see the National Office, Board of Directors and most importantly, the Women's Task Force made every effort to make this event a reality for our athletes and the athletes representing America Boxing Confederation. 

While it is a huge disappointment, we can do nothing to change the outcome. This event did not get the attention from National staff that it deserved. The responsible staff is no longer with us. 

The National Office is committed to rebuilding our efforts in Newark. I am committed to bringing a high profile event to Newark. They proved to be an outstanding partner and we hope to work with them in the future to showcase our elite women and men boxers. 


The Ringside Tournament is set to get underway with competition on Wednesday August 5. More to come next week.

The month of July was a busy month at the USOC Training Center. USA Boxing hosted three depth camps. These camps are the foundation for our elite athlete development. 

Our National Team enters training camp at the OTC on August 16, in preparation for the AIBA World Championships in Milan, Italy. The team will depart for Italy on August 24.

For further details on the World Championships, please visit the AIBA website.