Congratulations Golden Gloves Champions

July 21, 2009, 2:27 p.m. (ET)
Congratulations to the National Golden Gloves Champions, who won their respective divisions July 9-11, 2009 at the 2009 Women's National Golden Gloves in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
2009 Women's National Golden Gloves Champions
101  Laura Ramirez is a student at Bronx Academy in New York City.
112  Marlen Esparza is a student from Houston, Texas.
119  Christina Cruz works as a secretary in New York.
125  Melissa Roberts is enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and lives in New York.
132  Mikela Mayer works as a waitress in California.
141  Jennifer Wolf Fenn is a student living in Texas. 
152  Andricia Wasson is a student at Center Line High School in Michigan.
165  Suzana Rodriguez works as a personal trainer and lives in Indiana.
178  Tyler Lord-Wilder works as a nurse aide in Michigan.
178+  Sonya Lamonakis is a school teacher in New York City. 
Congratulations also go to Tournament Directors and hosts Bonnie Canino and Yvonne Reis.  They organize this tournament, using their own personal funds, for the love of the sport and the athletes.  Each year they put on a top-quality tournament.  They even managed to have the bouts webcast this year!
Many thanks go to officials, since boxing events wouldn't be possible without registered and certified volunteers serving at ringside.  Officials from around the country assisted with administration, refereeing bouts, judging, weigh-ins, and physicals.  Martha Dodson, DO from Texas served again as the Ringside Physician of the tournament.  Kevin Franklin served as the Chief of Officials.  Other officials include Alan Abeles (FL), Bill Barner (FL), Jerry Beasley (KS), Gary Bevis (MA), Rick Conti (FL), Armando Fiallo (FL), Scott Feller (FL), Angel Franklin (GA), Kevin Franklin (GA), Kevina Franklin (GA), Jim Gomes (FL), Dick Hildebrandt (IN), Jeaneene Hildebrandt (IN), Erik Larsen (FL), Nellie Pacheco (WY), John Pito (NY), Laurie Purcell (MA), Marty Smith (OH), Toby Tamarkin (FL), Tom Tamarkin (FL).  
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July 9: 
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