Thoughts for Officiating

July 10, 2009, 7:16 p.m. (ET)

At the recent US Nationals in Denver, CO, Luis Garcia, COO of LBC 2 New England in the Northeast Region offered tips for officials at the LBC level, as follows:

  • I do not see many officials not checking for piercings, and especially for earrings.  During my pre-bout checks, I have gotten into the habit of asking the boxer, "are you wearing earrings?"
  • I have noticed when a southpaw and a right-handed boxer compete, the referee primarily positions him/herself on the open side of the southpaw.  This is OK, but the referee should periodically move to the other side.  This is because when the southpaw has the referee on his/her side, which is actually the referee's blind side, the slick southpaw can use use this opportunity as an unfair advantage with fouls by using the lead hand to periodically slap, hold, and/or hold and hit his/her opponent.