USA Boxing Task Force Positions Available

Feb. 26, 2009, 12:40 p.m. (ET)

The current USA Boxing Task Forces (TF) were implemented and put to work in the fall of 2007.  They have taken on many important issues and helped USA Boxing move ahead in numerous areas of operation, function and service to our membership.  One of the goals of the task force program is to allow many different USA Boxing members the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  Changing task force members yearly on a staggered basis ensures continuity with ongoing task force issues while bringing in fresh outlooks and participation on these issues.

Please let your members know that they are eligible to become a part of any of the USA Boxing task Forces.  Please encourage them to participate.

Contact Lynette Smith at USA Boxing if you know of a member who would be interested in serving in one of the following areas:

Women's TF
Group Membership TF
Official's TF
NMU Fundraising TF
Coach's TF
Rules and Regulations TF
Local Boxing Committee (LBC) TF

Below are USA Boxing Task Force Guidelines that may be duplicated and distributed to interested members.  If you or prospective task force members have any questions, please contact me directly at 719-866-2301 or

Thank You.


A. Guiding Principles

1. The USA Boxing Task Forces (TFs) are designed to encourage participation on as wide a front as possible, and these need to be open, welcome, and flexible.

2. As the name suggests, the Task Forces are designed to tackle specific tasks that support USA Boxing and help reduce the workload of the National Office Staff. Tasks may be suggested by the Task Forces, or determined by the National Office.

3. The Task Forces are advisory in nature, and report to the USA Boxing CEO.


B. Procedures

1. Each TF will ideally be made up of 6-8 members, with a minimum of one athlete representative on each TF. To ensure the widest possible representation, two TF members should be replaced each year.

2. TF membership opportunities will be communicated widely through all available USA Boxing media, including website, newsletter, and direct communication with LBC heads, as well as through solicitation by each TF membership.

3. Any USA Boxing member may apply for a position on any Task Force. Each TF should vote to elect its two new members each year.

4. A TF Chair will be nominated by the TF members from among themselves, and submitted to the USA Boxing CEO for approval. Upon approval, he/she will serve in that capacity for two years, at which time the TF will nominate a new Chair. The outgoing Chair will be encouraged to remain as a TF member for at least one year following his/her term, but may not immediately succeed him/herself as Chair.

5. TFs will advise the USA Boxing National Office of its meeting schedule, with a minimum of 3 TF meetings suggested on an annual basis. Meeting notes will be sent to the National Office following each meeting.

6. Task Forces may be ended or temporarily suspended if their tasks are completed, and new Task Forces may be initiated at any time.