The United States Olympic Committee Removes USA Boxing From Probation

Nov. 20, 2008, 1:47 p.m. (ET)
(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) - The United States Olympic Committee has ended its probation of USA Boxing, effective immediately. The lifting of the probation is an indication of the steady, positive progress USA Boxing has made in recent years, with operating effectiveness improving in numerous areas.

"USA Boxing has made consistent progress in improving its organization," commented Jim Scherr, USOC CEO. "We're enthused about the future prospects for USA Boxing to continue to grow and succeed, and hope the ending of its probation will be another positive step in its comeback."

"We're delighted about the USOC's recognition of the overall progress we've been able to make as an organization," commented Jim Millman, USA Boxing's CEO.    "With a renewed focus on marketing and a positive spirit that is embracing our membership and staff, our future is incredibly bright."

"We would like to thank the USOC as well as USA Boxing's membership and staff for all of their efforts in getting to this point," said USA Boxing Board of Directors chairman Tom Virgets. "We will continue to work diligently toward becoming one of the top National Governing Bodies in the Olympic movement."

USA Boxing recently hired Patrick Borkowski to serve as its first High Performance Director and retained two top ranked athletes, two-time Olympian and 2007 World Champion Rau'shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio) and U.S. Olympic Team Trials super heavyweight champion Michael Hunter (Las Vegas, Nev.).

USA Boxing was placed on probation by the USOC in November, 2002 due to problems relating to the organization's managerial capability, governance structure, and other considerations. The organization went through governance restructuring in 2006 to reflect a leadership and management re-organization consistent with the best practices of the USOC's most successful National Governing Body relationships.

The ending of the Probation will allow USA Boxing to operate at the same level of stature and status as the other NGBs that are in good-standing with the USOC. 

"The USOC's decision will have a positive influence on everything we do," continued Millman. "It affects positively our relationships with sponsors, promoters, and future potential investors, and also lets us compete on a level playing field in attracting the best and brightest people to work with the organization."