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USA Bobsled and Skeleton

World Cup Results: Two-man Bobsled


 2014: Konigssee, Germany

GOLD: Justin Kripps, Bryan Barnett (CAN) 1:39.71

SILVER: Beat Hefti, Alex Baumann (SUI) 1:39.86

BRONZE: Lyndon Rush, Lascelles Brown (CAN) 1:40.03

4th: Cory Butner, Chris Langton (USA) 1:40.04

6th: Nick Cunningham, Andreas Drbal (USA) 1:40.18

7th: Steven Holcomb, Curtis Tomasevicz (USA) 1:40.23


2014: Igls, Austria

GOLD: Steven Holcomb, Steven Langton (USA) 1:43.72

SILVER: Beat Hefti, Thomas Amrhein (SUI) 1:43.95

BRONZE: Alexander Zubkov, Dmitry Trunenkov (RUS) 1:44.00

9th: Cory Butner, Charles Berkeley (USA) 1:44.36

15th: Nick Cunningham, Andreas Drbal (USA) 1:44.95


2014: St. Moritz, Switzerland

GOLD: Beat Hefti, Alex Baumann (SUI) 2:13.40

SILVER: Alexander Zubkov, Alexey Voevoda (RUS) 2:13.58

BRONZE: Francesco Friedrich, Jannis Baecker (GER) 2:13.70

5th: Steven Holcomb, Christopher Fogt (USA) 2:13.95

11th: Nick Cunningham, Abraham Morlu (USA) 2:14.23

15th: Cory Butner, Andreas Drbal (USA) 2:14.85


2014: Winterburg, Germany

GOLD: Beat Hefti, Alex Baumann (SUI) 1:52.68

SILVER: Alexander Zubkov, Alexey Voevoda (RUS) 1:53.14

BRONZE: Cory Butner, Charles Berkeley (USA) 1:53.15

7th: Steven Holcomb, Steven Langton (USA) 1:53.45

12th: Nick Cunningham, Justin Olsen (USA) 1:53.72