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USA Bobsled and Skeleton

Women's Skeleton

2013: St. Moritz, Switzerland

Gold: Shelley Rudman (GBR) 4:38.60
SILVER: Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) 
BRONZE: Sarah Reid (CAN) 4:40.01
7th: Katie Uhlaender (USA) 4:40.56

2012:  Lake Placid, NY

GOLD:  Katie Uhlanender (USA) 3:42.33
SILVER:  Mellisa Hollingsworth (CAN) 3:42.50
BRONZE:  Elizabeth Yarnold (GBR) 3:42.69
10th:  Annie O’Shea (USA) 3:44.60

2011:  Koenigssee, Germany

GOLD:  Marion Thees (GER) 3:28.51
SILVER:  Anja Huber (GER) 3:29.39
BRONZE: Mellisa Hollingsworth (CAN) 3:29.74
9th: Katie Uhlaender (USA) 3:31.51
16th:  Kimber Gabryszak (USA) 3:34.17
23rd:  Annie O’Shea (USA) 2:41.41 

2009:  Lake Placid, NY

GOLD:  Marion Thees (GER) 3:47.97
SILVER:  Amy Williams (GBR) 3:48.56
BRONZE:  Kerstin Szymkowiak (GER) 3:48.61
7th:  Katie Uhlaender (USA) 3:49.32
8th:  Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) 3:49.46
16th:  Keslie Tomlinson (USA) 3:50.98

2008:  Altenberg, Germany

GOLD:  Anja Huber (GER) 4:02.78
SILVER:  Katie Uhlaender (USA) 4:03.08
BRONZE:  Kerstin Szymkowiak (GER) 4:03.90
13th:  Keslie Tomlinson (USA) 4:10.07
19th:  Courtney Yamada-Anderson (USA) 4:12.87

2007:  St. Moritz, Switzerland

GOLD:  Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) 4:44.13
SILVER:  Maya Pedersen (SUI) 4:45.69
BRONZE:  Katie Uhlaender (USA) 4:45.85
11th: Bree Schaaf (USA) 4:49.41
13th:  Courtney Yamada-Anderson (USA) 4:50.08

2005:  Calgary, Canada

GOLD:  Maya Pedersen (SUI) 3:52.42
SILVER:  Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) 3:52.52
BRONZE:  Michelle Kelly (CAN) 3:53.18
7th:  Katie Uhlaender (USA) 3:54.76
11th:  Lea Ann Parsley (USA) 3:56.33
12th:  Kathrine Koczynski (USA) 3:56.45

2004:  Koenigssee, Germany

GOLD:  Diane Startor (GER)
SILVER:  Lindsay Alcock (CAN)
BRONZE:  Kerstin Jurgens (GER)

2003:  Nagano, Japan

GOLD:  Michelle Kelly (CAN)
SILVER:  Yekaterina Mironova (RUS)
BRONZE:  Tristan Gale (USA)