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Women's Bobsled

2016: Igls, Austria - Click here for race recap.

GOLD: Anja Schneiderheinze and Annika Drazek (GER) 3:32.38 (52.94, 53.13, 53.12, 53.19);

SILVER: Kaillie Humphries and Melissa Lotholz (CAN) 3:32.71 (53.07, 53.31, 53.17, 53.16);
BRONZE: Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs (USA) 3:32.87 (53.04, 53.36, 53.32, 53.15);
5th: Jamie Greubel Poser and Cherrelle Garrett (USA) 3:33.61 (53.20, 53.61, 53.53, 53.27);
8th: Katie Eberling and Kehri Jones (USA) 3:34.30 (53.48, 53.58, 53.75, 53.49);

2015: Winterberg, Germany - Click here for race recap.

GOLD: Elana Meyers Taylor and Cherrelle Garrett (USA) 3:46.47
SILVER: Anja Schneiderheinze and Annika Drazek (GER) 3:46.90
BRONZE: Cathleen Martini and Stephanie Schenieder (GER) 3:47.53
5th: Jamie Greubel Poser and Lauren Gibbs (USA) 3:48.10
6th: Jazmine Fenlator and Natalie DeRatt (USA) 3:48.33

2013: St. Moritz, Switzerland - Click here for race recap.

GOLD: Kaillie Humphries and Chelsea Valois (CAN) 4:30.31
SILVER: Elana Meyers and Katie Eberling (USA) 4:30.99
BRONZE: Sandra Kiriasis and Franziska Bertels (GER) 4:31.01
8th: Jazmine Fenlator and Aja Evans (USA) 4:32.65
15th: Jamie Greubel and Emily Azevedo (USA) 4:34.15

2012: Lake Placid, New York - Click here for race recap.

GOLD:  Kallie Humphries, Jennifer Ciochetti (CAN) 3:48.57
SILVER:  Sandra Kiriasis, Petra Lammert (GER) 3:48.90
BRONZE:  Elana Meyers, Katie Eberling (USA) 3:49.57
10th:  Jazmine Fenlator, Ingrid Marcum (USA) 3:51.28
  Bree Schaaf, Emily Azevedo (USA) 3:51.84

2011: Koenigssee, Germany - Click here for race recap.

GOLD:  Cathleen Martini, Romy Logsch (GER) 3:26.11
SILVER:  Shauna Rohbock, Valerie Fleming (USA) 3:26.33
BRONZE:  Kaillie Humphries, Heather Moyse (CAN) 3:26.74
9th  Elana Meyers, Jamie Greubel (USA) 3:28.33
10th  Bree Schaaf, Emily Azevedo (USA) 3:28.34

2009: Lake Placid, New York - Click here for race recap.

GOLD:  Nicola Minichiello, Gillian Cooke (GBR) 3:48.22
SILVER:  Shauna Rohbock, Elana Meyers (USA) 3:48.60
BRONZE:  Cathleen Martini, Janine Tischer (GER) 3:48.84
th:  Erin Pac, Michelle Rzepka (USA) 3:49.00
10th:  Bree Schaaf, Emily Azevedo (USA) 3:50.19

2008: Altenberg, Germany - Click here for race recap.

GOLD:  Sandra Kiriasis, Romy Logsch (GER) 3:49.50
SILVER:  Cathleen Martini, Janine Tischer (GER) 3:49.76
BRONZE:  Claudia Schramm, Nicole Herschmann (GER) 3:50.82
7th  Erin Pac, Elana Meyers (USA) 3:53.72
9th  Shauna Rohbock, Valerie Flemming (USA) 3:54.07
13th  Jamia Jackson, Michelle Rzepka (USA) 3:55.21

2007: St. Moritz, Switzerland

GOLD:  Sandra Kiriasis, Romy Logsch (GER) 4:33.84
SILVER:  Cathleen Martini, Janine Tischer (GER) 4:35.89
BRONZE:  Shauna Rohbock, Valerie Flemming (USA) 4:36.27
8th  Erin Pac, Emily Azevedo (USA) 4:38.13

2005: Calgary, Canada

GOLD:  Sandra Kiriasis, Anja Schneiderheinze (GER) 3:43.01
SILVER:  Nicola Minichiello, Jacqueline Davies (GBR) 3:43.29
BRONZE:  Shauna Rohbock, Valerie Flemming (USA) 3:43.72
5th  Jean Prahm, Vonetta Flowers (USA) 3:44.28
6th  Jill Bakken, Amanda Moreley (USA) 3:44.39

2004: Koenigssee, Germany

GOLD:  Susi Erdmann, Kristina Bader (GER)
SILVER:  Sandra Prokoff, Anja Schneiderheinze (GER)
BRONZE: Jean Racine, Vonetta Flowers (USA)

2003: Winterberg, Germany

GOLD:  Susie Erdmann, Annegret Dietrich (GER)
SILVER:  Sandra Prokoff, Ulrike Holzner (GER)
BRONZE:  Cathleen Martini, Yvonne Cernota (GER)