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USA Bobsled and Skeleton

Men's Skeleton

2013: St. Moritz, Switzerland

GOLD: Alexander Treatiakov (RUS) 4:32.35
SILVER: Martins Dukurs (LAT) 4:32.38
BRONZE: Sergei Chudinov (RUS) 4:34.62
5th: John Daly (USA) 4:35.19
12th: Matt Antoine (USA) 4:36.53

2012:  Lake Placid, NY

GOLD:  Martins Dukurs (LAT) 3:37.09
SILVER:  Frank Rommel (GER) 3:39.17
BRONZE:  Ben Sandford (NZL) 3:39.50
th: Matthew Antoine (USA) 3:39.75
8th:  John Daly (USA) 3:40.52

2011:  Koenigssee, Germany

GOLD:  Martins Dukurs (LAT) 3:23.70
SILVER:  Alexander Tretiakov (RUS) 3:25.44
BRONZE:  Frank Rommel (GER) 3:25.68
th:  Matthew Antoine (USA) 3:26.77
17th:  John Daly (USA) 3:29.40
25th:  Kyle Tress (USA) 2:38.46

2009:  Lake Placid, NY

GOLD:  Gregor Staehli (SUI) 2:46.58
SILVER:  Adam Pengilly (GBR) 2:46.93
BRONZE:  Alexander Tretiakov (RUS) 2:47.09
th:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 2:47.34
9th:  Matthew Antoine (USA) 2:47.45
10th:  Zach Lund (USA) 2:47.62

2008:  Altenberg, Germany

GOLD:  Kristan Bromley (GER) 3:54.71
SILVER:  John Montgomery (CAN) 3:55.39
BRONZE:  Frank Rommel (GER) 3:55.45
th:  Zach Lund (USA) 3:56.28
12th:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 3:58.39
20th:  Caleb Smith (USA) 4:01.13 

2007:  St. Moritz, Switzerland

GOLD:  Gregor Staehli (SUI) 4:36.26
SILVER:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 4:37.84
BRONZE:  Zach Lund (USA) 4:37.97
th:  Caleb Smith (USA) 4:40.63
20th:  Christopher Hedquist (USA) 4:41.46

2005:  Calgary, Canada

GOLD:  Jeff Pain (CAN) 3:44.52
SILVER:  Gregor Staehli (SUI) 3:45.32
BRONZE:  Duff Gibson (CAN) 3:45.82
th: Zach Lund (USA) 3:46.36
8th:  Chris Soule (USA) 3:47.24
8th:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 3:47.24

2004:  Koenigssee, Germany

GOLD:  Duff Gibson (CAN)
SILVER:  Florian Grassl (GER)
BRONZE:  Frank Kleber (GER)

2003:  Nagano, Japan

GOLD:  Jeff Pain (CAN)
SILVER:  Chris Soule (USA)
BRONZE:  Brady Canfield (USA)