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USA Bobsled and Skeleton

Men's Skeleton Olympic Results

2014: Sochi, Russia
GOLD: Alexander Tretiakov (RUS) 3:44.29
SILVER: Martins Dukurs (LAT) 3:45.10
BRONZE: Matt Antoine (USA) 3:47.26
15th: John Daly (USA) 3:49.11
21st: Kyle Tress (USA) 

  2010:  Vancouver (Whistler), Canada
  GOLD:  Jon Montgomery (CAN) 3:29.73
  SILVER:  Martins Dukurs (LAT) 3:29.80
  BRONZE:  Alexander Tretiakov (RUS) 3:30.75
  5th:  Zach Lund (USA) 3:31.27
  14th:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 3:33.27
  17th:  John Daly (USA) 3:34.01 

  2006:  Torino (Cesana), Italy
  GOLD:  Duff Gibson (CAN) 1:55.88
  SILVER:  Jeff Pain (CAN) 1:56.14
  BRONZE:  Gregor Staehli (SUI) 1:56.80
  6th:  Eric Bernotas (USA) 1:57.19
  17th:  Kevin Ellis (USA) 1:59.21
  25th:  Chris Soule (USA) 2:01.23

  2002:  Salt Lake City (Park City), Utah
  GOLD:  Jimmy Shea (USA) 1:41.96
  SILVER:  Martin Rettl (AUS) 1:42.01
  BRONZE:  Gregor Stahli (SUI) 1:42.15
  5th: Lincoln Dewitt (USA) 1:42.83
  7th: Chris Soule (USA) 1:42.98