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USA Bobsled and Skeleton

Men's Bobsled Olympic Results

Four-Man Bobsled 

2014: Sochi, Russia
GOLD: Zubkov, Negodaylo, Trunenkov and Voevoda (RUS) 3:40.60 
SILVER: Melbardis, Dreiskens, Vilkaste and Strenga (LAT) 3:40.69
BRONZE: Holcomb, Tomasevicz, Langton and Fogt (USA) 3:40.99
12th: Cunningham, Olsen, Quinn and Robinson (USA) 3:42.70

2010: Vancouver (Whistler), Canada
GOLD:  Steven Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz (USA) 3:24.46
SILVER:  Andre Lange, Alexander Roediger, Kevin Kuske, Martin Putze (GER) 3:24.84
BRONZE:  Lyndon Rush, Chris le Bihan, David Bissett, Lascelles Brown (CAN) 3:24.85
13th: Mike Kohn, Jamie Moriarty, Bill Schuffenhauer, Nick Cunningham (USA) 3:27.32 

2006: Torino (Cesana), Italy
GOLD:  Andre Lange, Rene Hoppe, Kevin Kuske, Martin Putze (GER) 3:40.42
SILVER:  Alexsandr Zubkov, Philipp Egorov, Alexey Seliverstov, Alexey Voevoda (RUS) 3:40.55
BRONZE:  Martin Annen, Thomas Lamparter, Beat Hefti, Cedric Grand (SUI) 3:40.83
6th: Steven Holcomb, Curt Tomasevicz, Bill Schuffenhauer, Lorenzo Smith (USA) 3:41.36
7th: Todd Hays, Pavle Jovanovic, Steve Mesler, Brock Kreitzburg (USA) 3:41.44

2002:  Salt Lake City (Park City), UT
GOLD:  Andre Lange, Enrico Kuhn, Kevin Kuske, Carsten Embach (GER) 3:07.51
SILVER:  Todd Hays, Randy Jones, Bill Schuffenhauer, Garrett Hines (USA) 3:07.81
BRONZE:  Brian Shimer, Mike Kohn, Doug Sharp, Dan Steele (USA) 3:07.86


Two-Man Bobsled

2014: Sochi, Russia
GOLD: Alexander Zubkov and Alexey Voevoda (RUS) 3:45.39
SILVER: Beat Hefti and Alex Baumann (SUI) 3:46.05
BRONZE: Steven Holcomb and Steve Langton (USA) 3:46.27
12th: Cory Butner and Chris Fogt (USA) 3:47.19 
13th: Nick Cunningham and Dallas Robinson (USA) 3:47.69 

2010: Vancouver (Whistler), Canada
GOLD:  Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske (GER) 3:26.65
SILVER:  Thomas Florschuetz, Richard Adjei (GER) 3:26.87
BRONZE:  Alexsandr Zubkov, Alexey Voevoda (RUS) 3:27.51
6th:  Steven Holcomb, Curt Tomasevicz (USA) 3:27.94
10th:  John Napier, Steven Langton (USA) 3:29.40
12th: Mike Kohn, Nick Cunningham (USA) 3:29.78

2006: Torino (Cesana), Italy
GOLD:  Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske (GER) 3:43.38
SILVER:  Pierre Lueders, Lascelles Brown (CAN) 3:43.59
BRONZE:  Martin Annen, Beat Hefti (SUI) 3:43.73
7th: Todd Hays, Pavle Jovanovic (USA) 3:44.72
14th:  Steven Holcomb, Bill Schuffenhaur (USA) 3:46.21

2002:  Salt Lake City (Park City), UT
GOLD:  Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmermann (GER) 3:10.11
SILVER:  Christian Reich, Steve Anderhub (SUI) 3:10.20
BRONZE:  Martin Annen, Beat Hefti (SUI) 3:10.62
4th: Todd Hays, Garrett Hines (USA) 3:10.65
9th: Brian Shimer, Darrin Steele (USA) 3:11.93