Bausch concludes European Cup season with bronze medal performance

Jan. 20, 2014, 5:50 p.m. (ET)

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Bausch concludes European Cup season with bronze medal performance

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland (Jan. 20, 2014)- Lauri Bausch (Fredonia, Wis.) claimed bronze in the women’s skeleton European Cup finale held on the natural ice track in St. Moritz, a favorite site for athletes from around the world. The final event featured all five of the bobsled and skeleton disciplines, and featured a double four-man bobsled race.

“St. Moritz is such an amazing track,” Bausch said. “Tour can be so physically and mentally tiring, but having the opportunity to slide in St. Moritz is one of the highlights of not only this tour, but my sliding career thus far.”

Bausch was in fifth after the first run of the women’s skeleton race, but she moved into medal position by posting the third best time of the second heat. Bausch claimed bronze with a two-run total of 2:25.16.

“After the first day of training I knew I could be a contender for winning the race,” Bausch said. “Unfortunately I killed a ton of speed at the top of the track in the first run and could only make up so much of my losses. I knew I could significantly improve my time and that bronze was still within reach. It was a huge relief to end my season on that run.”

Maria Marinela Mazilu from Romania posted a combined time of 2:23.36 for the win. German Anna Fernstaedt was second after clocking a total of 2:23.46.

Morgan Tracey (Champion, Ohio) capped her season with a 10th place finish after posting a two-run total of 2:27.57.

Alex Ivanov (Calisle, Mass.) led the U.S. in the men’s skeleton competition with a 20th place finish, while Ryan Sweeney (Whitehall, N.Y.) finished 21st.

Canadian Dave Greszczyszyn clocked a total time of 2:19.19 for the victory. Germans Axel Jungk and Dominic Rady finished 2-3 with combined times of 2:20.18 and 2:20.65, respectively.

Katelyn Kelly (Orchard Park, N.Y.) finished up a dramatic season with brakemen Maureen Ajoku (San Jose, Calif.) and Sinead Corley (New London, N.H.). Kelly broke her jaw during team selection races this fall, but rallied back to compete second half of the season on the European Cup tour.

“Maureen and Sinead took my first runs with me when I came back from my injury in Lake Placid and were with me for my last competitive runs of the season here in St. Moritz,” Kelly said. “I really can't say enough about both of them, they have been amazing. This race was bitter sweet because even though I truly had two of the best runs that I have had all week, and competitive pushes, I don't feel that my down times reflected this.  It would have been nice to have been higher up in the field, but I came to Europe to learn and I definitely took a lot away from this trip.”

Kelly teamed with Ajoku in the race, and the duo was 12th in a competitive finale with a total time of 2:21.43.

“I'm pretty bummed, I'm very sad for my season to be over,” Kelly said. “I expected so much more going into this fall.  The European Cup was amazing and neither my brakeman nor me feel ready to go home just yet.  It's frustrating getting a taste of racing right during the last two weeks of the competitive season.”

Miriam Wagner and Patricia Polifka claimed gold for Germany with a combined time of 2:18.05.  Germans Carolin Zenker and Sarah Noll claimed silver with a total time of 2:18.59, while Russians Anastasia Tambovtseva and Ekaterina Lutsenko were third with a two-run total of 2:19.14.

The men’s bobsled races were snarled by weather. All three competitions were reduced to one-heat races, and they were all held on the same day. Codie Bascue (Whitehall, N.Y.) was the sole men’s bobsled driver entered into the event.

“This weekend of racing was definitely the craziest race weekend I've ever experienced,” Bascue said. “With the two-man race being postponed because of excessive snow and the second four-man race being moved up because it was supposed to snow even harder, we ended up having three, one-heat races.”

Bascue teamed with Michael McCarty (Hudson, Ohio) for the single heat two-man race, and the duo finished 20th with a run of 1:08.77.  Germans swept the podium. Benjamin Schmid and Candy Bauer posted a run of 1:07.40 for the victory.  Albrecht Klammer and Christian Schmacht slid a time of 1:07.49 for second, while Nico Walther and Tino Paasche were third with a run of 1:07.68.

Dallas Irvin (Salt Lake City, Utah) and Kevin Ives (Stafford, Va.) joined McCarty in Bascue’s four-man sled. The crew finished 19th in both races with runs of 1:07.15 and 1:06.92.  Bascue felt like the team was hindered by their early start number. Normally an early draw is beneficial, but the natural ice of St. Moritz speeds up during the day.

“That's the crazy part of bobsledding though,” Bascue said. “Sometimes ‘the luck of the draw’ just isn't on your side. But I am very happy with how we performed and carried ourselves through these past few weeks and I hope it carries over into Jr. World Championships.”

Ugis Zalims teamed with Intars Dambis, Kalnins Kristaps, and Zirups Raivis to bring home gold for Latvia with a time of 1:06.04. Germans Matthias Boehmer, Axel Christ, Johannes Lochner and Philipp Wobeto claimed silver (1:06.05), and their teammates Benjamin Schmid, Fabian Heinemann, Matthias Kagerhuber and Alexej Bogdaschin were third (1:06.11).

Evgeny Pashkov, Andrey Lylov, Vladislav Medvedev and Alexey Zaitsev posted a run of 1:05.92 for the second four-man bobsled race victory. Schmid’s team was second in 1:05.94, and Zalims’ crew was third in 1:06.03.

“The races in St. Moritz are all over and I couldn't be happier with how all of my push athletes performed,” Bascue said. “I believe that we performed very well, especially with it being a new experience for all of us. We came out and did just about exactly what we needed to do.”

Bascue will compete once more this season in the Junior World Championships, which will be held in Winterberg, Germany from Jan. 25-26.

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Women’s skeleton:
1. Maria Marinela Mazilu (ROU) 2:23.36 (1:11.99, 1:11.37); 2. Anna Fernstaedt (GER) 2:23.46 (1:12.33, 1:11.13); 3. Lauri Bausch (USA) 2:25.16 (1:13.31, 1:11.85);…10. Morgan Tracey (USA) 2:27.57 (1:13.55, 1:14.02);

Men’s skeleton:
1. Dave Greszczyszyn (CAN) 2:19.19 (1:09.92, 1:09.27); 2. Axel Jungk (GER) 2:20.18 (1:01.54, 1:09.64); 3. Dominic Rady (GER) 2:20.65 (1:10.63, 1:10.02);…20. Alex Ivanov (USA) 2:24.10 (1:11.81, 1:12.29);.21. Ryan Sweeney (USA) (1:12.08, DNS):

Men’s two-man bobsled:

1. Benjamin Schmid and Candy Bauer (GER) 1:07.40; 2. Albrecht Klammer and Christian Schmacht (GER) 1:07.49; 3. Nico Walther and Tino Paasche (GER) 1:07.68;…20. Codie Bascue and Michael McCarty (USA) 1:08.77

Men’s four-man bobsled race #1:

1. Zalims, Dambis, Kalnins and Zirups (LAT) 1:06.04; 2. Boehmer, Christ, Lochner and Wobeto (GER) 1:06.05; 3. Schmid, Heinemann, Kagerhuber and Bogdaschin (GER) 1:06.11;…19. Bascue, Ives, Irvin and McCarty (USA) 1:07.15;

Men’s four-man bobsled race #2:
1. Pashkov, Lylov, Medvedev and Zaitsev (RUS) 1:05.92; 2. Schmid, Heinemann, Kagerhuber and Bogdaschin (GER) 1:05.94; 3. Zalims, Kalnins, Zirups and Dambis (LAT) 1:06.03;…19. Bascue, Ives, Irvin and McCarty (USA) 1:06.92;

Women’s bobsled:
1. Miriam Wagner and Patricia Polifka (GER) 2:18.05 (1:09.21, 1:08.84); 2. Carolin Zenker and Sarah Noll (GER) 2:18.59 (1:09.36, 1:09.23); 3. Anastasia Tambovtseva and Ekaterina Lutsenko (RUS) 2:19.14 (1:09.74, 1:09.40);…12. Katelyn Kelly and Maureen Ajoku (USA) 2:21.43 (1:10.89, 1:10.54);

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