Holcomb four-for-four with another four-man bobsled World Cup win

Dec. 07, 2013, 6:32 p.m. (ET)

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Holcomb four-for-four with another four-man bobsled World Cup win

PARK CITY, Utah (Dec. 7, 2013)- Steven Holcomb (Park City, Utah) continued his dominance of the men’s bobsled World Cup circuit with another win today. Holcomb and his Night Train2 crew of Curt Tomasevicz (Shelby, Neb.), Steve Langton (Melrose, Mass.) and Chris Fogt (Alpine, Utah) completed a sweep of the men’s medals in Park City with a lead of 0.35 seconds over the field.

“Overall it was a really good race,” Holcomb said.  “It is nice to come home and show that my home track is still my track. We have to keep our momentum going. At this point, it is real easy to get complacent. The second we ease up the rest of the field will jump up and stop us. It is only going to get harder and harder the rest of the season.”

USA-1 powered through the snow as the first sled down the hill, and was tied with two other sleds for the lead with a run of 47.36 seconds. The German squad of Maximilian Arndt, Marko Huebenbecker, Alexander Roediger and Martin Putze along with Russians Alexander Kasjanov, Phillipp Egorov, Maxim Belugin and Aleksei Pushkarev were making an effort to end Holcomb’s winning streak by posting the identical finish time.

“A three-way tie for first place was huge,” Holcomb said. “That is what racing is all about.”

Holcomb, Tomasevicz, Langton and Fogt responded in the second run with a push time of 4.78 seconds, 0.06 seconds from the record, to pull away from the field right from the start.  Holcomb navigated the sled to the finish in 47.40 seconds to convincingly take the lead with a two-run total of 1:34.76. 

“My brakemen were great,” Holcomb said. “To push a 4.78 in snow is great. In good weather my push crew would be hunting down the track record. I cleaned up my second run. The push crew did their job. I did my job, and we came away with the victory.”

Arndt’s crew finished second with a combined time of 1:35.11. Kasjanov trailed the Germans by just 0.01 seconds for bronze.

Cory Butner (Yucaipa, Calif.), Chuck Berkeley (Walnut Creek, Calif.), Adam Clark (Owenton, Ky.) and Chris Langton (Melrose, Mass.) finished 13th with a combined time of 1:35.42.

“The pushes were there,” Butner said. “We have to figure out why two weeks in a row the finish times weren’t there. We aren’t having the downtime results that we should have. We are going to test some runners in Lake Placid. We need to get with the coaching staff and figure out what they saw. I’m excited to get back to Lake Placid.”

Nick Cunningham (Monterey, Calif.), Justin Olsen (San Antonio, Texas), Johnny Quinn (McKinney, Texas) and Abe Morlu (Phoenix, Ariz.) clocked a total time of 1:35.48 to tie for 15th with Germany.

“The guys gave me a good push in the first run, but I made a few crucial driving errors and the time showed,” Cunningham said. “You never want to fall back in the second run especially after we were already at the back of the pack. Hopefully we will go into Lake Placid with a little chip on our shoulder and we can compete better there. We’ll have to throw this one away and focus on next week.”

The World Cup tour will make its third stop on another U.S. home track in Lake Placid, N.Y. next week. Please contact Amanda Bird, USBSF Marketing & Communications Director, at abird@usbsf.com or 518-354-2250 with media inquiries.


1. Holcomb, Tomasevicz, S. Langton, and Fogt (USA) 1:34.76 (47.36, 47.40); 2. Arndt, Huebenbecker, Roediger, and Putze (GER) 1:35.11 (47.36, 47.75); 3. Kasjanov, Egorov, Belugin, and Pushkarev (RUS) 1:35.12 (47.36, 47.76);…13. Butner, Berkeley, Clark, and C. Langton (USA) 1:35.42 (47.59, 47.83);…15. Cunningham, Olsen, Quinn, and Morlu (USA) 1:35.48 (47.70, 47.78);

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