SnowFire Hats

March 27, 2009, 11:24 a.m. (ET)
March 27, 2009

There's nothing like Utah weather! (Okay, so I'm sure there are a few other places that can compare...) Last week it was over 70 degrees and this morning I woke up to 3 inches of snow! -So much for working on the yard today. I got in a good workout before Lacee woke up though, so I can at least check off one item on my "list of things to do today". :) Because I just finished with this season and have almost 7 months until the Olympic season begins, I want to take it easy on my workouts for now so I don't get burned out. It is pretty much 3 times a week, 20-30 minutes of cardio and then some light lifting. Softball season starts in two weeks which will add on to my Monday, Tuesday and Friday schedule....what can I say... I love softball! :) I started playing when I was 11 and now I am 26 and my husband Janson and I play coed softball every summer and fall. (I make a killer short stop).   

I love skeleton too and competing as an athlete. I get to travel the world, develop my talents, and meet so many amazing and talented people. However, although I absolutely love it, I know that my competition days are limited. I'll give 100% until then, but one day my body will break down, my competitors will be younger and faster than they are today, and not to mention, I have a little girl that I really want to share every moment with.

A couple of years ago, when I was pregnant with Lacee, my sister-in-law Kristy, and I started talking about how so many new born babies never have hair and how many girl babies (because they don't have hair) look like boys. We thought it would be funny if you could purchase a baby wig or attach fake hair to some baby headbands. Well that idea shifted into having crazy hair styles for not just babies but for all ages. After a few months, the idea faded... that is for a year anyway. Then I decided I really wanted to do something with it.  Over the past few months (in my spare time) I have been researching, organizing, and filing various forms because.... I started my own business! It is called SnowFire Hats. The products are winter hats with crazy hair for all ages (even new born babies!). Immediately after I decided to seriously start this business I received a request for over 50 beanies for a high school wrestling team!!! (Go Box Elder Bees!) I wasn't ready to handle the immediate request but my sister Amanda offered to help out and it turned out great! ... so we are! We are finally getting into the groove of how everything works and are really excited about the hats that we have. Lacee was wearing a pink earflap beanie with white crazy hair can't believe how many people stopped and stared... then laughed. It's pretty funny. Anyway, check out and see where all my extra time is going! :) Our site will be under construction for another week or so, but you should be able to view our products until then.

Well, for the next 6 and a half months my days will consist of working out, changing diapers, running bases (being VERY careful not to get injured!!!), going on a few vacations, prepping my equipment, cleaning the house, enjoying my family time together, going to team training camps, making dinner (and lots of desserts!), stopping grounders (playing short stop in coed tournaments gets pretty exciting), re-landscaping our yard, running a business and preparing for the Olympic Games...      whew.

And, of course, there's still a little time to watch the sunsets in-between! :)

Have a great day!

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