The good, the bad and the ugly

March 17, 2009, 2:42 p.m. (ET)
March 12, 2009

The Good: Spring is around the corner!

Who couldn’t love spring? The snow melts away, making room for grass and flowers. Birds come out and sing their songs. Trees begin to blossom…and then there’s spring cleaning. Depending on how badly you let things go in the first place, this can definitely be a pain. I really don’t mind it, though. For me, spring always feels like a fresh start, more so than New Year’s Day for some reason. I pulled out the shovel this week and began to dig up the weeds around the house. I wonder how many calories you burn when you shovel dirt? And which muscles are getting the workout? Hmmmmm. I’ll have to look it up.

The Bad:  A season’s toll

When I first began sliding, I was in the hospital way more times than I can count. It was never very serious but just precautionary X-rays or checkups. I got knocked out once in the middle of a run because of the high g-force through the curve. My head hit the ice pretty hard. I was deemed unconscious for a couple minutes. I have chipped my wristbone a few times. My hips have more calcium deposits than my teeth. My elbows and hands were constantly bleeding and bruised.

This season, the damage was minor. When I was in Lake Placid, New York, for the final race of the season?World Championships?my sled was damaged in shipping. I had absolutely no control down the track. In our sport?going 80mph headfirst down a bobsled track?control is a necessity. There are a few curves on the Lake Placid track that if you do not time your steers perfectly, you will either tap, hit or smack the ice-covered concrete wall. Well, with my sled not working, I slammed into the right wall, and my knuckle was one of the first things to hit.

It instantly swelled up. It literally looked like a large gumball was on top of my knuckle. Our medical doctor advised me to have an X-ray, but I knew I wouldn’t have anything done before the race, so I just tried to forget about it. Well, I ended up borrowing a sled for the race and forgot about my knuckle until this week. I played in a basketball tournament with some friends, and as I went up to shoot? (*WHACK *). Another player smacked my hand, and my knuckle instantly swelled again. Do you want to know the worst part about it!? The refs didn’t even call a foul!!! Were they blind!? I was so mad. Anyway, I finally went and got it X-rayed. Yup…a fracture in the process of healing. Since it’s in the process of healing, why fix what’s working? I’ll just let it do its business. : ) I guess that’s the toll for the season.

The Ugly: Sickness all around

After getting no sleep at all on Monday and waking up with a temperature of 103, Janson took me to the doctor. I had strep throat. Blah. I was miserable, but even worse?Lacee had a temperature as well and ended up getting pink eye in both eyes! Now Janson is sick with who knows what. I guess the saying is true: When it rains, it pours.

As a side note, here’s a pretty funny story for moms…kinda gross for everyone else. I went to the bank yesterday, and as I was speaking with an employee, Lacee was getting fussy, so the woman gave her a coloring book and some crayons. Well, she was quiet for a few minutes, which made me relieved so that I could finally get done what I needed. Well, as we were finishing up, Lacee walked out of the corner. She was holding a couple of broken crayons in her hand and was looking really guilty. Then it happened?she smiled. Her teeth were the colors of a rainbow, and crayon bits were sticking out between them. Anyway, the gross part I was talking about was we got the crayons back today. I had no idea how many she had eaten…now I know. I wonder if the bank will want them back?

Have a great day!

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